Friday, September 15, 2006

love stinks

Men and their toys. I'm sitting at a table next to one of my living room winders and the dude across the street is shining up his motorcycle.
I will be the first to admit it's a really cool dark blue. But I have to laugh at the way he rubs it a little, then stands back to admire it for a few moments.
This move has been repeated about ten times now. Hell, the entire motorcycle
could have been washed and waxed in under ten minutes and he's been at it for about an hour now.
Speaking of cool blue motorcycles, I don't know bike terminology, but I saw a bike last night that was beautiful.
It was sitting in the parking lot of the Dairy Queen--where else?--and when the light hit it, it had funky blue neon lights all over.
I'm sure bike savvy folks know what that's called, but I sure don't.

Ok, where do we all stand on linking etiquette?
These are my feelings: if I like somebody's article, I will link to it without asking.
When they're getting the hits, I don't feel I need to ask. BUT, I think that if you're going to copy
someone's article in it's entirety--which I've never done--I think you owe them the courtesy of ASKING first.
(Can ya tell people have reposted entire articles without asking me first? Yet again? Hey, I don't bite...except during wild monkey sex.)
If you link and use the article on your site, again I think you need to ASK first.

I watched Anne Heche's new show, "Men In Trees" and I LOVED it.
(And you people know how picky I am!)
The plot was like a great romance novel and it caught my interest as soon as I read about it.
Anne Heche's character is an author of relationship books who is in Alaska on tour.
She finds out her fiancee is cheating on her and decides to stay.
The show is extremely well written with great music.
BTW, "stinkin' thinkin'" is a Zig Ziglar line.

Speaking of new shows, I've already given up on 'Til Death.
In the second ep, she agreed to have sex with him anytime in exchange for him letting her buy the patio furniture of her choice. He declined. That told me exactly the kind of show it was going to be. One in which the guy makes the chick feel as if she's not as sexy because she's older.
I did have to laugh when he called her a "patio furniture pimp." Hell, I've whored myself out to Mr. G for Snicker bars..............but ONLY the big 85 cent ones. I have my pride.

Cats amaze me. It's like they're born with brass balls...even the females.
There's a black cat that's been hanging around our place the last few months.
I've dubbed him/her "Stranger Danger™ Cat"*
I don't know why it's chosen our trailer.
It could be the calming ambiance. It could be the cozy nesting places to be had in the burned out stove on the front lawn.
It could be the endless supply of cat food. I won't speculate.
While the little booger won't let me pet him/her, it WILL allow me to feed it. Lucky, lucky me.
As soon as my cats see me or Mr. G or one of the many offspring outside, they immediately come running for food.
Now Stranger Danger Cat is doing the same thing! As if it's entitled. I went to the mailbox yesterday afternoon
and when I came inside Buddha, Stupid Cat and Stranger Danger Cat were waiting near the front porch for dinner.
Long after the other two gave up, I looked out and saw Stranger Danger Cat still hanging around, hoping I'd have a change of heart.
Now that's persistence...with just a dash of stupidity.
BTW, when did cats become so lazy and dependent? I told them all to go hunt their own food and they looked at me like I was crazy.
*When Female Offspring #1 was little, I bought her a tape with songs about dogs and in one section, the song was about never petting stray animals.
They told them to yell "Stranger Danger Dog!" to alert others and come running into the house to safety.
You don't even want to KNOW how many times I heard THAT phrase. The fact that I remember it some
15 and 16 years later when I can barely remember last week, ought to be a clue.
"Sadly" the tape was "accidentally" destroyed shortly after she got it. But unfortunately not until after she memorized the song.

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