Friday, September 29, 2006

its tough to have a crush

Awww, who doesn't remember their first kiss? Brings back memories....

I was trying to help Female Offspring #4 with her math.
After about the tenth attempt to figure the problem out, Male Offspring #7 wandered by.
Me: "hey, do you know fifth grade math?"
MO #7: "Mommy, I'm only this many," and he held up four fingers.
Me: "Is that a 'yes' or a 'no'?"

We're invited to an all day barbeque on Saturday. Ok, truth be told a local car
dealership is having a free BBQ for the public.
I'll take the offspring up for lunch, bring them home and have them change their clothes. Then Mr. G will
take them back for supper. A win/win situation for all. Fine. For me then.

Overtime Hawg called my boss on TUESDAY and asked her if I could work for her today. She said she wasn't feeling well.
Now how do you know three days in advance that you're not going to be well enough to work?
Unfortunately for her, I had an appointment today, so she was shit out of luck.
When I suggested she ask the chick who lost three days work last week,
she immediately said, "No, if you can't switch with me, I'll be out to work myself."
Yeah, I'm really believing she's sick.


Mushy said...

Ah, memory spark! I will be writing about my first kiss soon. Thanks for kick starting my brain cells.

I'd like to have one of those dealership hotdogs right now!

Goddess said...

Was it a porker for you, too? LOL!

And it was a French kiss no less...

Mushy said...

Actually no, the porker came later, but was a first!

The first kiss was in the 5th grade out behind her red trailer!