Wednesday, September 06, 2006

it's a hell of a long way home

Show of hands, who really gives a shit about Tom Cruise's kid? Not only do I not give a shit, I fail to see
why it's so "news worthy" of Katie Couric's first broadcast on CBS. It's entertainment, not news. But you know what this means, right?
The next time Cruise needs a member of the press to put a good spin on something,
CBS news will kiss his ass. And isn't it interesting how Tom suddenly decided to apologize to Brooke Shields?
He waited all this time and now that his production company booted him and he's not as
well liked by the public, he decides to pony up. Pfft.
I've never seen his appeal. I think he's too pretty for me.
Hell, I think I can count on two fingers all of the Tom Cruise movies I've seen, including the
one that was filmed here in my little corner of the world.
Question, though, do you watch the news for the anchor person? (Of course, this excludes the Naked News. I pretty much have my answer there.)
I LIKE Robin from CNN, but I don't tune in just to see her. I tune in to hear the news. BUT I will turn the news off when an anchor person I don't like comes on.
What about you?
Bugs sends this link about our servicemen and women.

Ok, I totally hate Justice. I gave it another shot and the cast ruins the whole damn show for me.
I don't like any of them.
Victor Garber sucks, as does the female lawyer, Rebecca Mader.
Garber is just plain obnoxious.
Here's where I give away the ending just to ruin it for WW.
(Kidding. Just kidding.)
Looking forward to watching Brad Garrett's new sitcom "Til Death" tonight.
I like Joely Fisher and I think they have a good chemistry together.
I just hope it's not another replay of Everybody Loves Raymond because after the first season or so they turned
Deborah's character into a screaming, nagging shrew.

I have been staying up waaaay past midnight this last week.
My butt is going to be dragging when I have to get up for work at 5:30 a.m.

Nooooo! As if the fried mac 'n cheese didnt sound tasty enough, now TGI Fridays has green bean fries!

Concerning the police chief's job and his wife's porn job, Bugs writes: "I feel the same way you long as s/he doesn't
use city property (and why would they? did the city furnish them with their own computer? does that mean that they can't buy crappy
tchotchkes on ebay without a kickback to the city?) to further her career, everything is hunky dory. And as far as the residents of the city....
you don't go for that sort of thing....don't look. Bryan Norton should worry about what his kid is learning at school.
If it weren't Doris that kid was looking at, I'm damned sure that it would have been someone else.
Would Bryan Norton like to hire someone else for the job....perhaps someone who is an idiot and has
no idea how to police a city....maybe Mr. Norton thinks he could do a better job."
What made me laugh was the way it was stated in the article that people WENT LOOKING for pics of her and
passed them around town, so it's not like she's putting this out there herself.
In other words, they wouldn't know the pics were there if they weren't perusing porn sites themselves.
They, more so than Doris Ozmun, seem to be the root of the problem, and
I guess they need to be run out of town, too, cuz they don't "share their morals" either.
I do think, though, that when someone decides to do sex work of any kind, they need to consider all of the ramifications for all of the family.


Fathairybastard said...

People should get a life. Won't happen, but they should. And no, the sort of people who post these things don't think too deeply about the ramifications. They've got to be the cousins of the guys we see shirtless, running down the road through the trailer park on "Cops".

Ron Southern said...

Cousins, and they're the girlfriends, too, of those shirtless youths running through the parking lots. When he comes home again, they make babies just like themselves! Isn't that cool?

Goddess said...

This is the one aspect of small town life I hate: we're all expected to share the same morals and be outraged at the same things, especially that gawd awful PORNOGRAPHY!! Which is why I hide my porn....LOL;)

Mushy said...

I'm staying away from the porn subject, but I will comment on the news anchors.

I miss Peter Jennings. People used to say, "They say that you have to watch your colesterol." The THEY was Peter in my mind.

Now, I like Elizabeth Vargas on ABC when they tried her out, but she was replaced by the homely guy. I tried Katie once and my give her more opportunity to win my heart, but I don't know.

ABC, NBC, and CBS are just to liberal for my taste, and I can't stand Fox even though they are supposed to be conservative.

I started taking Newsweek, and they don't hide their hate for Bush, so what the hell are you going to do...pick it up from blogs I suppose.

Goddess said...

LOL..I know there are people dead set against pornography. But I also know that a lot of the people in my town that are have done more "interesting" things in their personal life than I'll ever see on screen!

Mushy said...

I might have too, but I don't porn and tell!

Fathairybastard said...

You know porn is very private, tricky thing. You really don't know who's into it or not, or how much they're into it, so you've got to be careful just sending it out there. You don't want to wreck your relationship with someone by ether grossing them out or having them gross you out. I like to look at conventional stuff. No big deal. I'm not addicted to it or anything, and don't spend a lot of time surfing the web for it, but I have a few friends who forward stuff to me that people send to them. About 95% of that stuff is pretty conventional.

On the other hand, I've got one friend who is a FREAK. This guy is about 75 yrs old, strong as a bull, so you know he's still probably goin' strong. But he sends me stuff that sometimes reaches just about to the boundary of what I'm interested in seeing. Hard core videos and pictures. You get where I'm goin'. Nothing illegal or anything, but shit that's just gross some times.

This guy goes canoeing with my buddies and me, and he and I padna up in the boat. We're paddling along and he bends into that paddle like a Hawaiian. The boat lurches forward. I call him "the motor". You wouldn't think to see him that he's 75 years old, OR that he's a freak, but he is. He's someone's granddad for Christ's sake. So, I guess sometimes you only really want to know a person so much. You have different friends in different contexts. Anyway, I've learned that you have to be cool about just forwarding some of this shit out to people that you really don't know that well.

And if I was 65 or so, and I had a wife that looked good enough to pose in playboy, I think I'd buy copies for all the guys and say "see what I've got at home." But if she was a hound and just wanted to swing those big torpedoes around for drunken kicks, I think they'd have to surgically remove my boot from her big ass.

Goddess said...

A big problem with the "chubby porn" is that its VERY degrading especially in print mags. Yeah, even more so than regular porn, so I'm kinda surprised when any self respecting woman WANTS to do it. I know a guy who makes porn who talks chicks OUT of doing that sort of porn because it is so humiliating. Not that some "regular" porn doesn't cross the line.

And yeah I hear you about sending stuff out, I'm always pretty shocked when someone sends it to me out of the blue. But then again I think because of the blogs, people think they "know" you.