Tuesday, September 26, 2006

honey, why you calling me so late

Song I'm Playing Waaaaay Too Much: Lips of An Angel, Hinder

Happy 64th Birthday to the first cop I ever had a crush on: Kent McCord from Adam 12.
Don't ask me how I know today is his birthday because that would just be sad for both of us.

I gave The Class one more try and eh, I'm not wild about it. Too many storylines
going on at once and none of them were all that funny. The only truly funny couple is the
oblivious chick who married the exaggeratedly feminine gay guy.
Eh, if it's on, I'd watch, but I won't look for it.
So far, the only one holding steady is Men In Trees.
If I think of it, I'll give Ugly Betty a try on Thursday.

Janet Jackson was on Oprah yesterday talking about, among other things, her weight loss.
She lost 60 pounds in something like four months and when asked if she took anything, she said, "We used supplements, like...like Vitamin E."
Yeah, Vitamin E. That's a fat burner and a half.
But, Janet...yowl! She looked good. When ya see her moving, it's very hard to believe she's forty!

I'm working on a new costume for Holly. She went as Satan last year. I remember
because I had a hard time keeping her fake horns on because her real horns kept knocking them off.
I think this year she'll be Captain Bligh and I'll put a patch over her eye. Well maybe a patch over both eyes so
I don't have a problem with her chasing after the trick or treaters and trying to drag them back into the yard to play ball with her.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I have been listening to that song way too much as well, but the rest of the CD is decent! Vitamin E, wow, maybe I'll try that!

Fathairybastard said...

Uh oh, spam attack. Better hook up the word varification thingy.

Goddess said...

Dang it. Just about the time I think I can get rid of the dumb verification thing...guh.

Yeah well good luck with the Vitamin E, Meg. LOL;) Thanks for letting me know about the rest of the CD. I'm going to look for it. Hinder and Snow Patrol are just great.