Friday, September 29, 2006

heaven knows its not the way it should be

I started to watch Ugly Betty last night but I only lasted about 20 minutes into the show before I bailed.
I don't particularly find shows entertaining when their whole premise is "let's make fun of the ugly girl" or "let's get rid of the ugly girl because she's ugly."
IMHO, snotty, pretentious people talking down to others they don't consider "worthy" is hardly clever. It's boorish.

Hmm, South asked me to come to Atlanta and update for him next week while he whores it up in Tampa.
Leaving all these offspring behind is a plus, but I don't know if I want to make that drive.
I said, "Dude, just give me your passwords and login info
and I can update from the comfort of my bathtub. You know you can trust me.
Sure there was that one time I stole your credit card and bought llamas.
And the one time I stole your credit card and bought the Carleton Sheets No Down Payments Real Estate Program.
You can't fault me for wanting to better myself.
Yes there was the time you gave me your password and I gave all my friends free subs to Southern Bukkake.
Then there was the time I *accidentally* stole the hubcaps off of your truck. But I had a good reason: I wanted to sell them for easy cash.
And yes, I broke into your email accounts and read all your private mail. The point is that's all in my past. I was young and foolish then. NOW I am totally trustworthy."
But he wasn't buying it. Probably because most of that happened this summer.
Sigh. So I'm not sure what I want to do.
I hear everything new he bought is chained to the floor, including
his flat screen and his kitchen cabinets. As if I would steal a cabinet. Even if they were the exact same size as the old ones in my kitchen.
Whoa. Did I say 'old ones'? I meant to say "the exact same size as the ones I currently have in my kitchen".


Mushy said...

He sure has some ugly ho's working for him and a very small appendage!

Goddess said...

SMALL?! are you kidding me?! Dude's got it going on;)