Wednesday, September 20, 2006

happy holidaze

Fisher Price has unveiled the new TMX Elmo. TMX stands for "Tickle Me Extreme" or "Tickle Me 10." Nice to see that
Sesame Street, the show that has long taught kids how to read is teaching them "extreme" starts with an "x."
Apparently the new Elmo slaps his thigh has he laughs, rolls and falls to the floor. Well worth the $40 price tag I'm sure....

Now I'm not suggesting that people be all money mongering, BUT if you want to make a few easy bucks at Christmas time, I'd buy several of the TMX Elmos NOW and slap them up on eBay at Christmas time because already Fisher Price is "expecting" a shortage.
All I'm saying is...desperate parents+Christmas+TMX Elmo=$$$$$$$$$ for u.

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