Friday, September 01, 2006

hand me down my walking shoes

LOL!! This totally ended up on the wrong blog;) But if you like what you see, check out my Hott Cops blog. Oy. I gotta stop drinking when I'm posting.....

What can I say but "WOW"!!

Deputy Gary Plotts,
Defiance County Sheriff's Office, Ohio

Deputy Steve Flory,
Defiance County Sheriff's Office, Ohio


Mushy said...

This is just shameless exploitation of men. You should apologize to them - in person and somehow give it up...I mean make it up to them.

Goddess said...

LOL!! THIS is where this post ended up! It's supposed to be on my Hott Cops blog;) I put it up last night, then I went to check it later and it was gone. more drinking Jack Daniels while I work up my posts.

And you're right, I have turned them into man meat, and I should apologize PERSONALLY. Trust me there are a lot I'd LIKE to personally "apologize" to.

copluvr said...

you'd get down on your knees and apologize, wouldn't you, G? hahaha