Friday, September 15, 2006

fabulous friday!

Wow. What a great Friday so far! Almost 1:30 and I'm still wearing the towel I used when I showered at 11:30. I can tell those Walk Fit thingies are doing their job. I used to have really bad hip and lower back pain the mornings, so I'd be out of bed by about 7 or 8, even when I was off. I received Walk Fit insoles and have been using them for about a week. From day one when it tells you to only wear it for an hour, I had it in most of the day because it felt so incredibly good not to have lower back strain all day. These things are really great, and they were only $20 plus postage. I'm curious to see how well they work after I go to the chiropractor next week. I'm wondering if I'll have to go so often once I get in alignment and wearing them. They felt weird at first because it's like walking on half of a ball, but I was really amazed by how well they worked.

Remember when Monopoly was selling "...opoly games" and you could tailor it to your own interests?
Well, we created "Goddessvilleopoly," a white trash "opoly" that I talked about in another post last year or so.
I was so close to winning Goddessvilleopoly last night and I blew it.
After three hours, it came down to me, Male Offspring #2 and Female Offspring #4.
Male Offspring #2 lost all his money when he landed on "pay back child support for every child you've fathered."
I had no sympathy for him though. Served him right for not wearing a condom!!
I always tell my boys, "Keep your pecker in your pants!!! But if circumstances are
beyond your control, don't EVER let it leave the house without a raincoat!!"
I crapped out when I took out a third mortgage on the trailer and the balloon payment came due.
$15, 983 for a final payment on a trailer that originally cost $6000...well damn.
I should have known that was a bad move.
It's how we ended up in *this* trailer. Sigh.

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Mushy said...

As for the raincoat thing - sometimes you get caught out in a sudden quick downpour.

You just have to dash for it knowing full well you're gonna get wet and have to pay for it later.

Got caught in one of those in Gatlinburg once, trying to rekindle a marriage. Had to stick around another 4 years just because of a little rain.