Wednesday, September 27, 2006

don't phunk with my heart

HA! "Too much testosterone can kill brain cells". Take that, guys!
Sure the comment was referring to steroid use, but it's gonna make a great argument for us chicks.

According to the Dallas police, the situation with Terrell Owens is thus:
"at this time, this is not a criminal offense, it is a medical situation."
With all of the privacy laws, I can't believe they even held a press conference.

I sat through yet another boooooring episode of Oprah and Gayle's (Not So) Big (Mis)Adventure to catch sight of the
state trooper that they made us think would be in LAST week's show, then again in THIS week's show. Naturally, he wasn't
and now theyr'e leading us to believe he'll be in NEXT week's show. The way they're making a huge deal out of this incident
tells me it will probably last all of about five seconds on screen.

Men. I just don't understand them. I picked out a beautiful set of dishes for my china cupboard and I showed them to Mr. G.
He said, "Let me get this straight, you want to spend $140 for a set of dishes that we can't use--ever--is that right?"
Me: "Exactly! They'll stay in the china cupboard and anybody that comes to the trailer will think we have money. What do you think?"
Mr. G: "I think you're not buying them. That way we *will* have the money. $140 to be exact."
See what I'm up against?

File this under "View to a Kill": According to the Enquirer, Joy Behar is allegedly trying to oust Elizabeth Hasselbeck from The View. Former View host Star Jones is
pissed because of the front page tabloid story saying Al is gay and that he left her. I wonder how she can ignore all those saying Al is gay?
Rumors that numerous don't come out of nowhere.
Is it my imagination or is Meredith Viera and Al Roker snipping at each other on air already?

CNN is reporting that Terrell Owens was taken to the hospital because of a possible suicide attempt.
Earlier they reported that he was having an "allergic reaction to medication."
Apparently the Dallas police report says it was an attempted suicide and they're going to hold a press conference this morning.
Interesting. When Shelly Long and Marie Osmond were rushed to the hospital and the tabloids said they attempted suicide, both said it was an "allergic reaction to medication."

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Ron Southern said...

I think I'm having an allergic reaction to Hollywood Doodle.