Sunday, September 17, 2006

cinnamon lips

You know the only problem with having more than one site, all with the same email addy? When someone sends you a "good site" email, you have no idea what site they're talking about.

Oh lordy, a "Dr. Phil House"? Yeah just what we need, another boring (un)reality show.

Male Offspring #6 is trying to upset the status quo and I'm not having it!! You know how there's one trailer in the neighborhood where
all the kids congregate every day and have a good time? Luckily, that has never been our trailer, but MO #6 is trying to change
that. Grrrrrrr. Yesterday he brought a neighbor kid home with him to play and the little ingrate asked if he could stay for supper.
I said, "Sure. We'll eat in an hour. The kitchen's that way. Now get crackin'."
So while we were eating his "world famous peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with ketchup on the side"--he's
a regular Sandra Lee--I hear him asking MO#6 why
we don't have any forks or knives in the trailer.
MO# 6: "My mom doesn't want us to have sharp objects."
Neighbor Kid with No Future as a Chef: "Oh, so you don't hurt yourself?"
MO#6: "No. So we don't stab each other. She's afraid she might be held liable."
HA! If one of my kids killed one of their siblings, I just *know* the cops would find a way to pin it on me and my supposedly bad mothering skills.
I can't take that chance.

Isn't this cute? In yesterday's Family Circus, Billy was "elaborating" on old quotes, such as: "Let sleeping dogs lie."
Billy says, "But when they're awake make them tell the truth!"
Ha ha ha........oh gawd, how I hate that cartoon. And yet I find myself reading it every damn Sunday.

LOL..last night on COPS a chubby dude was all out of breath and the cop said, "Take it easy and I'll get
someone to check you out. Make sure you're OK."
So I can toss your ass in jail....
BTW, Deputy Mario Carey from Pierce County....hott, hott, hott!

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