Thursday, September 21, 2006

bow down before the one you serve

WORDS OF WISDOM: "My speech is entitled 'Ginger Kids: Children with red hair, light skin, and freckles.' We've all
seen them - on the playground, at the store, walking on the streets - they creep us out and make us feel sick to our
stomachs. I'm talking of course about... ginger kids. Ginger kids are born with a disease which causes very light
skin, red hair, and freckles. This disease is called Gingervitus..." Cartman, South Park

Ok, I admit. It was damn funny.
south: ya know when I read about the little veal calf
south: I thought you were writing about you
south: i mean no exercize
south: anemic
south: live in a small boxed in home

Yay! The Space Shuttle has returned safe and sound!

I know it's sneaking up on us ever so quickly but guess what next month is, kids? Why it's Bugs' favorite month of all!
October, the month when I suffocate you with cutesy Halloween clip art.
Prepare to be dazzled by my blinking
cat eyes and my posts written entirely in dripping blood, all displayed dramatically against a black background guaranteed to ruin your eyesight in 30 short days or your money back.

From the "it figures it happened in Georgia" file: "Police in Perry, Ga., are investigating a report of a man who claimed he was performing a religious ritual at Wal-Mart. A woman said that he kissed her feet. Perry police Capt. Heath Dykes said an 80-year-old woman was shopping at Wal-Mart when she "stumbled upon" the floor of the curtain aisle, according to The Charlotte Observer. She told police that she apologized for stepping on the man's finger, at which point he responded by saying he was participating in a religious ritual and needed her help, the paper reported. The Observer reported that the woman said she was alarmed, so she complied when the man told her to stand on his hands and spit. He then allegedly began to lick the shopper's feet. A security officer at Wal-Mart happened upon the "religious ritual" and confronted the man, who the security guard said resembled the photo of a man who had done the same type of "ritual" in another Wal-Mart. The man told the officer that he was performing a ritual and then ran off, the guard said."
HA! Why doesn't anybody lick MY feet (or kiss my ass?) when I go to WalMart? I can't even get a hearty greeting from the greeter.
Although truth be told, I don't think the greeter can actually see me through the fog of their ennui.
No lie, the last greeter I saw was hanging onto a shopping cart the entire time.
If you have a problem standing, Walmart greeter might not be the job for you.

Well it happened. I knew it would sooner or later. I was banned from Ron's site yesterday.
Oh, sure he gave me some flimsy excuse about IP blocking and so forth, but
I know that I am just too controversial for the Rat.

If you like cop fantasies, be sure to check out Make My Cop Come.
Anne Elizabeth has a great site with hott (hee hee...couldn't resist;) stories about hott cops.


Ron Southern said...

You want controvery? Don't get me started. I'll tell everybody about that time in the dark when...well, you know! That time you got involved with live geese and ducks and a pair of handcuffs and walking like Charlie Chaplin with a blindfold on, and I won't say where the feathers ended up!

Goddess said...

Not gonna fly, buddy. Anybody who knows me knows I'm afraid of birds, especially the big ones that can run and flap their wings at the same time...