Saturday, August 19, 2006

who knew the virgin mary could be so yummy?!

Oh. My. GAWD!! It's the Virgin Mother for schure!!! Oh, I didn't believe it when she showed up in the underpass
and I certainly didn't believe it when she showed up in the cheese sandwich, but, people THIS IS LEGIT!! The chocolate changes EVERYTHING!
"Cruz Jacinto, an employee at Bodega Chocolates, holds a piece of chocolate believed to bear the likeness
of the Virgin Mary in Fountain Valley, Calif. Thursday, Aug 17, 2006. Workers at the luxury chocolate company discovered a two-inch tall column of chocolate drippings under one of their vats that some think bears a striking resemblance to the Virgin Mary."

Yes, it IS striking, isn't it?! So striking in fact that I can't tell if it's Mary or Memorex or a heap of chocolate drippings! When they put Her on ebay--and you know they will, as long as nobody gets the munchies--I'm buying her because I think the Virgin Mary looks sacrilegiously deeeelicious!
"Under one of their vats"....oh, good grief. What the HELL are they doing down there collecting chocolate?! Ugh. Probably slapping it right back into their vats for "redistribution".....


copluvr said...

she looks like one of those peanut butter meltaway bears you gave me for christmas, G!

Goddess said...

LOL...She does! She could also pass as one of the Three Wise Men, but they never got as much press coverage as She did.

Mushy said...

Looks like something my dog left in the yard to me!

I'm back, been off line a couple of days will Comcast rebooted its entire local net.

Goddess said...

A COUPLE DAYS??? OMG...let's just hope the folks at Verizon never gets that dumb idea into their heads.

Sodapop said...

that's ridiculous. I'd eat that piece of chocolate.

what's sad is that they'll put it on ebay and then some religious FREAKAZOID will buy it.


Goddess said...

Are you calling me a freak? Cuz you KNOW I'm gonna buy her and eat her....LOL!

I wanna know what the hell they were doing crawling around UNDERNEATH their vats of chocolate!