Friday, August 25, 2006

walk like an egyptian


Ooooo, there's a new religion (cult?) in town, kids. "Growing in Grace" manned by Jesus himself, aka some dude named Miranda, who
doesn't believe in organized religions. No wonder, he's Jesus. Anywho, Faux Jesus DOES believe in the practice of tithing,
as is "stated in the Bible." Clever how he embraces *some* aspects of organized religion. One follower donated a "tad" above
his 10%, giving Miranda a home in an exclusive gated community, which the guy then turned around and sold for millions.
What I find a bit strange about him accepting all this weatlth is this: IF Miranda really is Jesus, why does he need material goods?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but Jesus didn't exactly smother himself in gold, fancy cars, and expensive homes.
Or did I miss that part of His story? Also Miranda and his followers verbally
attack other religions, something else I didn't realize "Jesus" would do.

My sister and I were reminising about our grandparents. We had this revealing conversation:
My sister: "I remember Grandma XXXX was
always hugging us and telling us she loved us. What do you remember about her?"
Me: "Oh, I will never forget the way she always had that one bowl of ribbon candy that was all stuck together
sitting in the living room. And what about that hard candy she'd buy? You'd think it was all hard,
then you'd bite into it and you'd get some gross cream inside."
My sister: "I remember Mom's mom was always working in the garden and canning. The only time
she sat still was in the evenings when she'd sit down and say the rosary. Remember that?"
Me: "Not at all, but I do remember how she was always dragging Christmas candy out in the middle of June. And it wasn't even in the freezer!
She'd just pull it out of the cupboard or the attic! Gross.....but we ate it anyway."
My sister: "For Pete's sake! Don't you remember anything personal about them?"
Me: "Yeah, mom's mom always smelled like anise and dad's mom smelled like vanilla."

There was an article in the paper about the new motorcycle cops and one police chief said, "When they pass playgrounds, the kids are mesmerized. They allow for a good rapport with the young people, and that's important." KIDS are mesmerized? One was behind me the other day and it was only the fear of having an accident right in front of him that kept me from staring at him in my rear view mirror! Oh and *wink wink nudge nudge*, they also allow good rapport with the ladies, too, if ya know what I mean....


Mushy said...

I remember that candy and the bowl...we must have been kin in different places together!

Goddess said...

The bad thing about that hard candy is ya kinda had to "sneak lick it" to see if it was what you wanted and if it wasn't, back into the bowl it went. After time, Grandma would go to grab a piece of candy and the whole damn bowl would come off the table at once....LOL;)