Monday, July 31, 2006

some people think that the physical things define what's within

Guess what today is, kids? That's right "National Creamsicle Day"!!
In my mind's eye, I can see my grandpap holding my hand and walking me down the street to buy an orange creamsicle at the corner store.
It was a celebration because I passed the test to enter first grade.
Mostly I remember my grandpap as being kind of loud and scary and
very tall, but this is a nice memory that I think about often.

Stephen Colbert on why it's a bad thing that the President has to cut his vacation down to ONLY
ten days: "He's like a Black and Decker cordless vacuum.
If you don't recharge his batteries, he can't suck."

I had to laugh when I heard the intro on Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee on Sunday. I never
really paid attention to it before. There's a spot where she says her cooking is "70% store bought and 30% homemade."
That's funny. After watching a few eps, I'd swear it was 70% storebought, 15% artery clogging fat and 15% Domino's sugar.

I was reading an article on MSN about dads and postpartum depression. Apparently almost as many dads suffer from
the blues after child birth as moms. But dad's isn't called "postpartum depression." It's called the "can't get a piece o'ass blues."

I was reading an interesting article on home owner's insurance. Did you know that filing even one or two SMALL claims
can get you the boot from your insurance company? Especially if the claim has to do with water damage because the companies figure that you'll be back later with a mold claim. This is what really surprised the hell out of me: just inquiring about whether or not you can make a claim can hurt your reputation with the insurance company. So, in other words, they only want to cover people who pay their premiums every year, but never file a claim. What a load of shit.
There is a central database that other insurer's access, and you can check to see if you have been listed, and any claims you might have filed
by going to and requesting a free report.

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