Wednesday, August 02, 2006

it's no coincidence I've come and I can die when I'm done

I saw a Wally World commercial where the mother is getting her child ready to school, and she says, "I went to Wal Mart and
found something that really helps her express herself." Then it shows a pink backpack that looks like 90 million OTHER pink backpacks
BUT it has charms hanging from it. Pffffft. If you want something that REALLY helps your kids express themselves,
may I suggest a labelmaker? And it just so happens I have 15 for sale...CHEAP.

I was watching the infomercial for TurboJam again yesterday--sue me, I'm bored.
Remember how I said it contained so many of the core exercises in TaeBo?
At one point in the infomercial they say, "You won't see these exercises in other workout videos."
I'm gonna send them a link to

What's with those Safe Auto commercials where the drivers are deliberately dicking with the police officers?
The officer stops them and says, "I need to see your license and proof of insurance."
The driver says, "Uh...did you say 'proof of insurance', Officer?"
The police officer says, "You DO have proof of insurance, right?"
Then just when you see the officer visibly start to salivate at the thought of writing a ticket, the driver says, "Of course. I have Safe Auto."

Damn, those two chicks who partied with Mel Gibson are certainly sucking up their 15 minutes of fame, aren't they?

Mr. G bought a few chances on a travel trailer.
I really hope he wins. Not because I have the slightest desire to travel.
I'm going to park it in the backyard and live in it.
I'm determined to leave this trailer trash life behind me once and for all!

They were selling a nightlight/bug zapper combo on HSN--which I think is a fairly odd thing to sell--and the chick pimping it said, "Up North you
have all that beautiful weather and you have the windows open. All sorts of things are flying in and out, this would be perfect."
I hate to burst her Southern bubble, but "up North" we have things called "screens" in our windows.

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