Friday, August 04, 2006

helllllllllllllo friday, i love thee

I was reading an interesting article on the internet about how potential employers are now
googling applicants and reading things written about them and by them.
One woman said her company planned to hire a girl until they read her blog and saw things like "Sex...yes, please!"
and comments about her liking to party all night.
My feelings are that people tend to exaggerate somewhat on the internet when it comes to sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
Not to mention drinking. I think a LOT of people consider journaling their "therapy," as do I,
so we tend to saw whatever is on our mind, all the while steadfastly ignoring that inner critic.
So here's my question:
do you think someone should be judged by a potential employer on what they've said in their blog?
(Lordy, if that's the case, I'd never get a job..except those in which the words, "would you like fries with that?" are used.)
And do you think it's fair for employers to dooce employees? Or do you think, as I do, that people should
wise up and stop using their FUCKING FULL NAMES on their posts?!

Now I know how Jebus felt, always being persecuted for the stuff He believed in!!!
South: ok
South: its time for an intervention
me: whats up?
South: i do not want to see the word cops on your site for 2 weeks
me: LOL
South: period
South: no police
South: no cops
me: dude i haven't used it on my main site in EONS
South: no euphemisms for cops
me: so i can talk about 'em now
South: u used it today
South: and 2 days ago
me: and beyond that? WEEKS
me: i took the hott cop o'the week awards OFF permanently
South: you use it every other day at least
me: i do not
South: yes you do
me: i'm counting
South: read back through that boring ass drivel
me: only THREE TIMES this month! that's it!
South: I get what one mention in a month now
South: shame shame
me: so skip over when you see the word "cop" dear
Trust me, it's NOT difficult.
Every time I see the words "Free Speech Coalition" or "George Bush" on South's site,
my eyes glaze over and I automatically skip that shit, which means I haven't read four of South's last five posts.]
South: this month is only 2 days old
me: become a cop and i'll mention you way more
me: picked up on that, eh?
I want you ALL to note that he never said I couldn't use the word "LEO."
(And yes! I'm deliberately ignoring his "no euphemisms" whine)
Instinct tells me NOW is NOT the time to discuss the fact that my stats are way down with South.
I know EXACTLY what he'll say.
Put this in Southern speak when you read it: "If you'd talk about ME more and cops LESS, you wouldn't be having this problem."

A couple people emailed me, asking if I knew the name of the song
used in the current GAP jeans ads. Sho' do. It's "Do Ya" by Peaches.
Luuuuv that song.

I was reading this article about an obesity vaccine that scientists are working to create. While titled,"Obesity Vaccine Looks Promising," the tone of the article suggests something totally different. The article said, "....have developed a way to make the immune system produce antibodies that attack ghrelin, and that rats given the vaccine ate normally but lost weight." Yet further along in the article, you read this, "Mice given shots of the vaccine ate just as much as untreated mice but had "about a 20 or 30 percent reduction in weight gain......However, the mice were fed low-fat, low-energy diets. It's not certain that a ghrelin vaccine would be effective against the burger-rich, high-fat diet that many Americans eat, the researchers noted."
In other words, they're not telling us how much of the weight loss was attributed to the vaccine and how much
was attributed to the low fat, low energy diet. Knowing the scienctific community, they probably had the mice run on little mice treadmills every day, too.
And while the title tells us the vaccine is "promising,"
how promising can it be if it says they're not sure it's effective against the American diet?
We Americans want to take a magic pill that will allow us to eat like hogs and still lose weight.
The idea behind a vaccine to curb obesity is going to be as ineffective using surgery. Granted it will work on SOME people,
people who are truly overweight because of body issues,
but most people aren't overweight for that reason. Once again, science is trying to fix an emotional issue with a physical solution.

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