Saturday, August 05, 2006

get the cameras rollin', get the action goin'

So what do you all think of Paris Hilton's new song, Stars Are Blind? While I like the music, the"singing" leaves a lot to be desired.
It's every bit as lackadasical and dull as Paris is when she speaks. In her interviews she comes across as bored with everybody on the planet...except herself.
It's one of those songs where the background music kinda drowns out the singer, and there are NO vocal challenges in the song, as if even the record execs have figured out that she can't sing but her name is very marketable right now. I'm predicting Paris Hilton has a long, long career in the music industry. Much like Eddie Murphy.

Becky, who was roasting marshmallows, to her mother Roseanne: "Mom, how do you like your marshmallows?"
Roseanne: "The same way I like my men: crispy on the outside and stuck to the end of a fork."
(from the Roseanne Barr show)

(12:00 a.m.) This is just to let all the whores who read my page know that despite yesterday's posting, I AM down with you! Blame Lelia K. It was her lyrics I was singing...I mean, shouting.

I thought my life was incredibly boring, but even *I* don't spend my time telling my broom and dustpan that
they're not doing the job they were meant to do, like the psycho in the Swiffer commercials.
That's just wrong. Besides, I'm too busy teaching Holly how to cook and make a beautiful tablescape!!

What gives with guys getting all excited when they see two chicks POSSIBLY kissing in a mainstream movie/tv show?
With porn so readily available, you'd think this sort of thing would seem quite tame.
I stopped in to see C.P.
the other day after work and a friend of his--30ish-- was there watching tv.
They showed the previews for that John Tucker teenager movie and the scene
where they ALMOST kiss and C.P.'s friend was practically wetting himself.
I said, "Dude. Go rent some porn. You're embarrassing yourself."

Even the trailer for Talladega Nights seems stupid to me, but the one part that makes me laugh every time is
where he autographs the baby's head.
"Absolutely, Ma'am. I'd love to sign your baby. You're not gonna wanna wash that forehead!"
For some reason that just strikes me as extremely hilarious.

KB Homes hired Martha Stewart to decorate an entire community of homes in Atlanta.
Hmm, will Mike South be moving to Martha Stewart Lane??
When asked why he chose Martha, the president of KB Homes said, "Women have a huge
amount of respect for Martha. They like her."
Really? We do? How come nobody ever told me?!
They did show some of the homes on CNN. They're all gorgeous.
Nothing brings out excellent taste in design like spending someone else's money.

People keep coming to my site via the search string, "Sandra Lee boob implants".
I have to wonder. Does that mean the hostess of "Semi-Homemade" has semi-homemade boobs?

I heard about one of the new shows in FOX's Fall lineup that sounded like something I could get into. It's called "Justice".
The way I understand the premise, there will be a trial and a verdict given, then they'll go back and show you how the crime really happened.
Now that sounds interesting because things are rarely what they seem, and it'll be fun to guess, and see how good you are at picking up on the truth and the lies.
I'm also looking forward to Anne Heche's new show, "Men in Trees." She's a NY author that tells women how to meet men,
and while in Alaska on a publicity tour, discovers her fiancé is cheating on her and decides to stay.


Mushy said...

Took the granddaughter to see Ricky Bobby today and laughed my arse off (I wish). I had it's funny parts, was unbelievable of course, but you go expecting it to be stupid and funny and that's what you get. If you expect an epic, then you'll be disappointed.

Hey, if you can get a seriously in love teenager to laugh, then it's funny!

Goddess said...

An "epic"? Will Farrell? LOL! Now that would be something to see.

I think this is more of a guy flick and I'm sure it will be loved by Southerners, cuz they're NASCAR lovers;) Me, not so much a fan of cars going round and round and!

Mushy said...

Oh I forgot to comment on Paris - I don't know how she can sing since she seems to put the microphone in her mouth! I suppose that's the microphone, it's kind of hard to tell since the video I saw was shot in a very dark room, but it looked like one.

Goddess said...

Yep, one step away from a porno...