Saturday, August 26, 2006

the following is brought to you by m_ohamm_ed

I'm thinking of dumping my MSN space. I get a lot of google searches, but little else. OTHER than strange MSN chat requests. I don't get that. Why would you want to chat with someone and yet you've never even bothered to post in their blog or email them about their blog? Makes no sense to me. And these chat requests are always from people with weird ass sounding names like "mohammed_mohammed" or "mo_ham_med_mo_ham_med". Very original that last one is, btw. They never have profiles OR sites of their own, so forget it. I have to assume they're like the other presumptuous jackass who just wanted me to send naked pics of myself. And as you well know, I have no time for guys who act like that. They can continue to get fucked by their hand.
But I generally post in someone's blog before I request to chat with them, so they have some inkling of what I'm all about.


Dustin said...

I use msn spaces, and I get a LOT of the "sex cam" and "sex chat" invites on my messenger. Luckily, all I do is block them.

Goddess said...

I don't get those so much as those interestingly intelligent IM conversations:
Him: What's your name?
Me: Rebecca
Him: What size tits do you have? Do you like to suck cock? Will you send me a picture?

And I just think "no wonder you're living in mom's basement, loser boy...." oy.