Friday, August 18, 2006

can you extract me from my plastic fantasy

Just the thing to keep that mentally bored dog stimulated.
Every Jeopardy question ever asked.
And South thinks I have a lot of time on MY hands....

On the subject of wigs for dogs, Bugs writes: "I'll bet I can do ya one better: my grandmother and her neighbor wound up each getting a dog out of the same litter. The dogs were a poodle/shitzu/somethingelseIcan'tremember, socker spaniel, maybe? (A cockashit?) Anyway, one of the attributes of a shitzu is that they have a tendency to have a HUGE underbite. I swear, my grandma's neighbor found a vet that put braces on the damn dog's teeth. I wouldn't have believe it until I saw for myself....."
A cockashit? there's a dog I don't even want to think about owning.

My gf took her dog to an "animal behaviorist" because he's been "acting out." (Oy.)
Anyway, she called me and said, "The animal behaviorist said Gigi isn't stimulated mentally."
I said, "I know exactly what you mean. If Holly doesn't do at least three Sudoku puzzles a day, there's just no living with her."

And I thought sweaters and coats for dogs were asinine....

Sad news, kids. The three carat diamond ring went back. The first day I got it, Mr. G said, "Are you sure that's not going to break?"
because the champagne diamonds were set up off of the band in the big diamond shape. The ring actually consisted of two pieces.
Well, that immediately started to bug me, even though it was something I never even thought of when I saw the ring!
I like to wear my diamonds ALL the time, no matter what I'm doing, so I tend to buy rings that
are flat to the hand, bands mostly, so they don't catch on things.
Well, I was doing laundry and I yanked some towels out of the washer, and the ring caught momentarily on the edge of the washer.
When I examined it, the large diamond shaped setting was bent underneath and a stone was missing, so back it went.
BUT as soon as their credit appears on my cc, I allowed myself to get swayed by all those shiny champagne diamonds!

I'm gonna kick Michelle. She mentioned not being able to get the song "Coin Operated Boy" by the Dresden Dolls
out of her head, so I gave it a listen and now *I* can't get the damn song out of MY head! It's very odd, but if
you listen to it more than a few times, you can't stop singing the dumb thing.

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