Monday, July 17, 2006

you can hear the music on the a.m. radio

The first thought that occured to me as I was watching some of this season's Project Runway
is that the designers themselves need designers. Their personal style of dress
could best be described as "one paycheck away from homelessness."

So how long do we think that whole Brady marriage is going to last?
I'm guessing not as long as their reality show has. Chris Knight will get tired of being someone's
fixer upper project--I love it when the gals latch onto a man who needs a complete overhaul--and take a hike or she'll get tired of him making her feel immature and stupid...
Either way, I hope he had the smarts to sign a pre nup. If they didn't, he'll
be singing a new song, "Here's the story of a man named Brady, who was busy divving up half of all he owned...."
The thing that I found so funny about this show
is that Chris Knight spent most of the one season bitching that he wanted this chick to move out and then all of a sudden,
they're getting married. Great solution to the "I have no personal space" problem, Chris.

If I see ONE MORE exercise infomercial that uses the line, "it's so fun, you
don't even know you're working out," I'm gonna upchuck.
For me, the excessive panting and profuse sweating are always clues.
Having to wring out my bra when I'm finished is usually another big clue.

The current tempature is: FRICKIN' HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!

I got up at 6 a.m. to do my Taebo this morning. No FREAKING way was I going to do it after work like I did last night. Ugh.
And even though Holly did her damndest to lay between my legs and chew her bone while I stretched, I reigned victorious!!

I love the way they're making a HUGE deal about the fact that the South Park ep about Tom Cruise "coming out of the closet"
is going to re-air after it was yanked from banishment. Whoop de fucking do. Great victory. The only thing duller than that
episode is R.Kelly's song, Trapped in the Closet. And we all know how gawd awful THAT was. All 85 chapters of it.
(Believe it or not, to date, Kelly has released 13 chapters of Trapped in the Closet,
calling it a "hip hopera". I call it an "unhip piece o'crapra".)

Saw some music videos this morning and here are my thoughts on what I saw...whether you want 'em or not.
The lead singer of The Fray needs to STOP doing that "Flock of Seagulls" hairdo(n't).
His hair is only a few inches long so he ends up looking like a male Kewpie doll. Not a good look.
Why didn't Paris Hilton just go one step further and turn her "music" video into porn?
Lord knows all the elementes were there: slutty chick, insipid music, K Fed look alike.
I must have been looking at the wrong chick when
I googled Rihanna. I remember thinking, "hmm, she's cute." But when I saw her SOS vid, that gurl is SMOKIN' SEXY!
As is Nelly Furtado in "Promiscuous Boy."
Christina A has waaaay too many costume & hair changes in her latest vid, "Ain't No Other Man".
(Ditto Beyonce's DejaVu)
It ends up being more annoying than anything. Course I'm not a guy with a heart on for her.
I don't like Mary J Blige's song "One" with U2 at all.
Brooke Hogan is looking like every other young female singer in her video. *Yawn* Not a doggone thing there to set her apart from the rest. Unfortunately. She's very pretty but she's going to be a one hit wonder if she doesn't do something to make herself stand out from the pack.
The lead singer of the Dixie Chicks seriously needs to step away from the black eyeliner.
I'd like to see one black rap artist make a video that does NOT contain a
half naked chick who is sweating like an overworked whore in Bangcock.
Death Cab for Cutie's vid, "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" proves that there's nothing more attractive than a guy in a shirt, tie and sneakers.
(Not really. That was sarcasm.)


Mushy said...

I never understood why women take the word of "light in their loafers" designers as being the gospel on what to wear - it's beyond me.

Why not let real men, or real cops, design women's clothes and I bet'cha the rest of us will love you all in them.

Goddess said...

I would NEVER take the word of any of those dumbazz "designers".

The dude that won last year had such gawd awful clothes, it was unbelievable. The woman who had really tasteful stuff was eliminated, but this joker with his aviator hats and fur collars won. It was ridiculous.

Sometimes I think the true motive of these so called designers is to see if they can come up with the ugliest stuff on the planet and fool women into wearing it by telling them its "trendy."