Sunday, July 23, 2006

there is wonder in most everything i see

So I got a phone call from a long time girlfriend, who I hadn't spoken to in a while. We were actively emailing, which just seemed easier. Anyway, I wasn't home and Mr. G gave me the message. I got her machine when I tried calling, so I emailed her to let her know what it was she wanted, and she emails me back saying, "I hope it was ok that I called. I was afraid your husband would answer." I'm like WTH?! Not like we're having some torrid lesbian affair that he can't find out about. Good grief. Now I know my husband is big and bad and mean ..oy...but trust me, unless you're calling to tell him he's won the lottery, chances are he's not even going to pay attention, let alone pick up.
Hell, I was lucky he even passed the message on. Course it did take him four days.
Most of the time he listens to the message, erases it and promptly forgets it. OR worse yet,
he'll say, "Your gf called about something." What? "I don't know what she was jabbering on about."

Typical fun day with Mr. G's family. He went to visit his dad with his sister and his mother. He dropped his mother off at her house, then his sister and was on his way home when his sister called our place. She left her cell phone in the car and wanted him to take it to work with him, and she'd get it from there. Five minutes later she calls back and says, "Let me know if you the phone is there so I know it's not lost." She calls two more times and says basically the same thing. THEN his mother calls and says, "Did you find your sister's cell phone? She thinks she left it in car." Five minutes later his sister calls again and I answered this time, though, as a rule, I generally stay OUT of all conversations between his family members. The calls were just getting on my nerves. I said, "Here's an idea: give the man enough time to GET HOME." Good grief. That is so typical of his family, to just keep calling and calling, without giving him time to respond, and then his mother always manages to get involved. Oy.

If you'd like to read a"interesting" story about an incident that Mushy remembers from his childhood, check this out. It's the Sunday, July 23rd "Messin' Round the Barn" post.
Bugs, in light of that corn hole email you sent me, you'll want to read this.
Oh, and don't anybody read it while you're eating. I think it turned me off pork for the rest of muh life....LOL!

Dang it. I hate it when Verizon has really good videos in their video center because I have no idea how to discern the url for the vid so I can put it here.
The good one today was about a South Florida man who stole a puppy from a pet store by putting it down the front of his shorts.
Now the funny thing about this vid is when the guy casually strolls out of the store petting the CROTCH OF HIS PANTS.
I keep thinking, "damn wouldn't somebody notice something like that?!" Then again it IS Florida....
Poor puppy. He's probably traumatized from having to look at that jerk's teeny weeny.


copluvr said...

your "friend"--was her name sandy, G?!

Goddess said...

Big surprise, huh? LOL...

copluvr said...

i mentioned you and hubby celebrating your 26th, guess what she started ranting about, G?

Goddess said...

Oh lordy, her EX???? Not that I have to ask, she only has one major bitch rant. Unfortunately, she's been on it for about 17 years now....