Thursday, July 27, 2006

terrific thursday

I told Male Offspring #1 that the end of summer was his deadline: either he enrolls in college or he's
moving out to the guest house [aka the "shed"] in the backyard. I'm not putting up with one more year of that lazy, slacker doing nothing.
That kid is always "making plans." Plans which evenutally culminate into MORE plans. The only plan he hasn't made is
to get himself a job. So I laid down the law: get your ass in school or you're living in the shed.
So this morning he moved all his crap into the shed. I had no idea a one room shed could look so cozy.
Now I'm sorry *I* didn't move out there myself and leave this motley crew to fend for themselves.
Lunchtime rolls around and who's sitting at the table to eat? None other than Male Offspring #1.
I said, "Perhaps you're not getting the gist of this 'being kicked out of the trailer' stuff. NO FREE MEALS."
He said, "Mom! I'll STARVE!!"
I said, "That's a chance I'm willing to take. Now beat it."

I received an email last night/this morning from someone and I believe her name was Amber. It went into my junk mail folder and just as I hit "delete all" I realized that was probably not a junk email. Anywho the header was "loving your blog," and I don't even know which blog it was referring to, but I apologize for not answering because I didn't get to read it! Those damn spammers are getting so clever I never know whether the email is legit or not.

*Note to self--stop scheduling your chiro appts. early in the morning on your last day off when YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO SLEEP IN!!!* Mr. G is off today, too, so most of the day will be putzing around after I come back from the chiro and that suits me just fine.

I was reading an article about Anna Nicole Smith and this was the lead in paragraph:
"Anna Nicole Smith's former manager has exposed the busty blonde as a champagne-guzzling party girl,
who was at one-time hooked on 12 to 15 different medications, in a new TV shocker."
"Shocker"??? Excuse me, but a third grader could look at that chick and know instantly that she was addicted to numerous drugs and/or alcohol.
Half the time she couldn't even stand up straight and her speech was so slurred she reminded me of Bette Midler's last scene in "The Rose".
Yeah, the one in which she collapsed into a dead heap onstage.
The article goes on to disclose even more "shocking" information: it was Smith's addiction that caused her wild antics on her show!
Nooo! I refuse to believe it!

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