Tuesday, July 11, 2006

suddenly i see why the hell it means so much to me

I'm really liking KT Tunstall's music. While she released "Black Horse and Cherry Tree,"
I especially like the song, "Suddenly I See." I was trying to figure out whether
or not she was country, but I can't really tell what category she falls into.

I love that Fresh Step cat litter commercial where it shows the cat typing "where is my litterbox?" into a search engine.
LOL...too funny.

I read this sad story in the LA Times about a 4 year old boy who accidentally shot his father in the back.
The father, an off duty police officer, is in critical condition and was shot from behind while driving.
Of all the dangers law enforcement officers face out on the road, who would think the most
dangerous would be because of his own failure to secure his service revolver? I wish the whole family well.

Even more conflicting statements from Kathy Griffin. Last night on her show, she was teaching a
show on comedy at the Learning Annex and was asked about her finances. She said she doesn't buy into
these celebs who believe they're "artists" and allow others to handle their money.
She said handling finances is very much a part of the job, that she's "very frugal"
and "gives good financial advice." And yet her husband stole from her over a year and a half and she didn't know??? From what she told Larry King, she wasn't even the one to discover the "theft." She said her bank notified her accountant or vice versa. In lieu of all that, she might want to rethink those "I give good financial advice" statements.

Male Offspring #6 and I have settled on a class to
attend together. It's called "Flashback to the 80's," or as I refer to them, "The Wonder Years," as in it's a wonder I survived them.
Male Offspring #6 begged me to go with him, and I was like, "Hey, why not? It should be interesting." Especially since I don't
remember anything of that decade except how to birth babies and how to mix a refreshing Vodka/Valium chaser.

I don't usually talk about Mr. G's raging jealousy, but I think it's time I did.
I use the backview of a motorcycle cop bending over as my wallpaper because I feel it sums up all that is good and wholesome about my love for cops.
Mr. G saw my laptop and said, "Why are you using that picture as wallpaper?"
(Note the raging jealousy that comes off as "why is my wife a wacko?"
in that question. Clever, huh? Put it all back on me.)
I said, "Because I like his pants."
He said, "His pants or what's in his pants?"
(He's totally seething now. Can you sense that? Even his disbelieving snort is a dead giveaway. He wants to tear this guy a new one.)
I said, "Honey, calm down. It's just wallpaper. It doesn't mean a thing!"
And he said, "Whatever you say. I came in here to find the sports section of the newspaper. Have you seen it?"
(The man can barely control his possessiveness.)
See? This is the sort of crazed nut you become when you live with a Goddess...


Ron Southern said...

Yes, M'am, yes! I assure you, I never had a dirty thought about you! Never, ever! Not even once.

Mushy said...

KT is classified as Country Rock and I'll bet she could rock the cover of Playboy as well.

Goddess said...

Dang, Mushy, why did I just KNOW there was a "country" qualifier in there somewhere?! I read that her mother is Chinese and I believe her dad is Irish, and from that comes "country rock"?? LOL. I'll forgive her the country part, and love her anyway;)

I'm glad, Ron. I wouldn't want my husband's jealousy to rage out of control if I "accidentally" told him other men were fanasizing about me. He might get so upset, he might ask for the Business section of the paper....