Monday, July 24, 2006

now in technicolor

I had a gawd awful gall bladder attack this morning. Well, I *hope* it's my gall bladder and
not an impending heart attack. Put it this way, if I don't update in a few days, you'll know why I'm not a gambler.
Of course, if I AM having a heart attack, I'm sure I didn't help matters by doing Taebo in the midst of it all.
Actually that made it feel a little better, but I did notice that when I did knee lifts on my right side, it was tender.
Four hours later, though, and it STILL feels like a three hundred pound man is doing the Macarena between my shoulder blades.
I haven't had ANY gall bladder problems
since I started eating properly so at first I'm like, "Why would this be happening? I haven't had anything fried OR fatty."
Then all of a sudden I had a vision of a dancing sausage pointing and laughing at me.
Oooooh, yeah, I had conveniently forgotten about that sausage I had for supper yesterday, the fattiest and friediest of all foods.
(Pretty funny that I ate sausage in lieu of Mushy's tale, don't ya think?)
I've just been having THE WORST craving for sausage cooked with red and green pepper slices and onion slices. I don't know why.
I've never really been a big fan of sausage unless it's breakfast sausage, dipped in Aunt Jemima's maple syrup and swimming next to pancakes.
I have noticed that I can handle fried foods much better if I use olive oil, but trust me, all the olive oil
in the world isn't going to save me from fatty bo balatty sausage, so no more of that!
When I was talking to my mother earlier this afternoon, I mentioned what happened, and she
said, "You know you can have that taken out," as if she were talking about having a wart removed. I don't WANT to have it taken out.
I have grown fond of ALL of my organs and would like for them to remain intact until said time as I die and they hack me up into pieces for
organ donation. At which point, somebody else can covet them.
I said, "Mum, it's my gallbladder. I'm sure it's there for a reason." Then, of course, she immediately started telling me stories about
everyone she's ever known who has had their gall bladder out and lived a perfectly normal life afterwards

Awwwww. Yesterday afternoon Mr. G came home and wished me a Happy Anniversary.
That is so sweet. Especially since our anniversary isn't until Wednesday.
But Lord love him, he quickly covered by saying, "Oh, I thought this WAS the 26th." wonder I love that man.

I am so tired of this "eat more, lose more" diet philosophy!
Yesterday I had six Snicker bars instead of three, and I didn't lose a DAMN POUND.

I saw the funniest thing on the way home from work the other day and I'm not making fun of anyone,
just pointing out something comical. There was a rather chubby girl--about 250-300 pounds,
and REALLY busty--riding a bicycle that was too small for her.
She was riding one of those boys bikes with the bar down the middle and she was wearing a rather lowcut shirt.
Even though she was riding up the street, she was seated and every time she brought her knee up,
it pushed her boob up and dangerously close to spilling out over her top.
It was one of those things that you see and you have to keep staring, you can't look away.
I keep thinking, "Gurl, if you speed up, we are ALL going to get a show."


Mushy said...

I have a sausage recipe on my cooking page under the March archive to help give you some relief! Ha, or finish killing you!

Still laughing.

Goddess said...

I read that recipe a week or so ago...probably longer the way my memory works. It's probably what got me started on this whole sausage kick in the first place, because I remember thinking, "that sounds good."

But no thanks, I'm still feeling *this* sausage...ugh.

Mushy said...

Yeah, 'course you knew I was kidding. I too have pulled back to some of the stir-fry items.

You know of course that it's mostly breads, starches, pastas, and sugar that give one the most indigestion problems. As long as I stay away from including those things with my sausages, I have few problems.

Mushy said...

Before you say, I know, what's life without at least 2 of those with each meal!

Goddess said...

Well not really cuz we did give up the starches, pasta and sugar and we only eat the natural, no preservative whole grain bread. When I had this checked though the dr told me my gall bladder was still outputting at 30% and to avoid fried foods and fatty foods, which I've pretty well done...until now;) Owie.

And yeah, I knew you were kidding...or you were trying to kill me!