Saturday, July 15, 2006

i loved you more than i wanted to there's no point in trying to pretend

I found this story on my favorite police story site:

"A Hugo police officer has been terminated from his position. Hugo city officials say that a citizen took this picture of the police officer engaging in activities in his police vehicle.

City officials would not speculate on the type of activity... and at this time... no formal charges against the officer have been filed.

The city of Hugo issued the following statement:

"The police officer was engaging in activities while on duty that could bring reproach and discredit to the city of Hugo, and the Hugo police department.

"As a result of this activity by the police officer while on duty, the city of Hugo and the Hugo police department terminated the employment of the Hugo police officer, effective immediately."

Here are the pictures:

This is what I think happened. I think they were having a friendly conversation, when all of a sudden, he said, "Oh crap. My zipper's stuck."
She said, "Let me help you with that. I'm pretty handy." She leans in, works on it a little bit then says, "I almost got it. Let me get closer."
Next thing you know her shirt gets caught in his zipper and with one final tug, her entire shirt gets sucked into the teeth of his zipper. Then he gets terminated and that's the thanks she gets for being a Good Samaritan. What a world we live in. *wink*
I know that whatever they were doing, it HAD to be totally innocent. After all, who would be STUPID enough to do anything sexual in BROAD DAYLIGHT RIGHT IN FRONT OF SOMEONE'S HOUSE??? So tell me, what do YOU think they were doing?

Some people make things so much harder than they have to be. On the Dog Whisperer today, they showed the tale of a biting, hyper Maltese. This sucker wasn't two pounds soaking wet and yet she had a German Shepard cowering in fear. The interesting thing is that the owners said the dog wouldn't come when called by name, but she would come to the word "chicken."
Duh, people. Change the damn dog's name to Chicken and be done with it.
I was telling Mr. G about the dog and he said, "Why don't they just change the dog's name to Chicken?"
And that, my friends, is why he and I have been together all these years......and why our dog is totally out of control.

Every time I see the infomercial for My Gym, I watch with rapt attention. Not because
I want one--ok they look pretty cool--but because the guy who's pimping it, Neil Somebody or other, is totally HOTT.

WW told me about this story. This is why it always pays to make friends
with the dispatchers. You can get that all important hott cop info without getting a police record....
I'm surprised they charged her, though. I thought they'd just give her a warning. I mean she didn't lie about why she was calling,
even though she was calling the wrong place for that sort of thing. But a lot of people call 911 every day with non emergencies, and I'm sure
they don't all get charged for that.


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