Saturday, July 29, 2006

i have forever always tried to stay clean and constantly baptized

Overplayed Song O'The Day: Pain Lies on the Riverside, LIVE

If the produce people MUST put freaking tags on every piece of fruit, could they at least make them EDIBLE tags?!
I'm sick of eating paper!!

I watched Hope Floats for the first time yesterday afternoon. Hey, have I ever DENIED being waaaaay behind when it comes to movies? Nay.
Anyway, I liked this movie but I didn't like the way Sandra Bullock's character treated her daughter. She acted as if she were a bothersome
after thought throughout most of the movie, as if the daughter wasn't hurting, too. I'm glad that she made her husband be the bad guy that he was,
but until that point, I just felt like she neglected her emotionally, so I can only give the movie a C rating.

I saw on CNN that there is a bill in Congress to lower the inheritance tax...........on multi million dollar estates.
Phew! I worry so about the rich.
How *will* they make it in these difficult times?!
Thank God Bush and the Republicans are there to make their way soooo much less "taxing".
I mean let's not even think about giving tax breaks to po' people who have to pay 14%. They only have meager inheritances anyway.
Besides, they wouldn't know what to do with that extra money.
They'd probably just blow it on worthless crap like food, gas or heating oil.

Poor Mr. G. Every fall, for the last several years, he made the annual trek to Mecca, aka Steeler Training Camp in Latrobe.
But alas, not this year.
The first few years he started to go there were only a couple thousand people showing up.
Spread across the grounds of St. Vincent's college, that didn't amount to much.
Steadily that has grown and last year they were coming by the busloads.
Now that they've won the Super Bowl, training camp will be a nightmare and oh, did I mention? Mr. G HATES crowds.
Plus, the guy he goes with is a procrastinating dick and it drives him nuts.
Their three or four weeks of opportunities to see the team turns into them scrambling to go on the very last day the public
is allowed at practice. It's happened that way the last four years in a row, and he finally said, "Enough is enough."
Besides, I think he's still kicking himself in the ass for refusing the season tickets Female Offspring #1 was going to borrow for him
last year. We had been racking our brains to come up with a really good birthday gift for him, and we knew the one thing he LOVES
is Steeler football. Shirts and hats get old after time, so we wanted to buy him tickets to the game.
Well, Female Offspring #1's boss has season tickets and she offered them to him for the New Year's day game.
When FO #1 called him, Mr. G assured her the game would be meaningless
because, at that point, they would have had to win all of their games to go to the Super Bowl. Which they proceeded to do.

I still get grossed out every time I think about this, which has been quite frequently in the last 24 hours.
Yesterday Alex posted an ad from Craigslist in which some ASSHOLE requested a
chick to--UGH--yank out her front teeth with pliers while fucking on camera. Now here's the lovely
part--as if that wasn't sick enough--ALL MEDICAL EXPENSES ARE HER REPSONSIBLITY. That is one of the sickest fucking things
I have heard in a long time. And you know what's sad? Someone will probably be desperate enough to do it.
You know I wondered where porn was going to go after all of the donkey punching and
gagging and vomiting. This is it?! Gawd, I miss the days when porn was about straight fucking and sucking on camera.
It seems like centuries ago.


Ron Southern said...

You're crazy, but you're MY kind of loon!!!

Goddess said...

Glad I'm *somebody's* kinda loon, Ron;)