Monday, July 24, 2006

i can still hear my mama say turn that radio down!

I am having a very productive morning. Well, up until now, because once I drag out the laptop, all bets are off. I got up
early this morning and drove the offspring to summer school. Not because they're stupid, but because it's FREE!!
(Ok, truth be told, some are a tad stupid, but it's still FREE!!) After this is over, they'll have two weeks of vacation
Bible school at the local Brethren church. Not because we're Brethren, but because it's FREE!!
Heck the Bible school folks even toss in a FREE snack.
Sure the uncooked macaroni is SUPPOSED to be used in arts and crafts classes,
but my offspring don't know any better. They think it's a crunchy treat.
I came home from dropping the kids off, said my morning prayers on the front porch--mostly praying that Bible school would
would extend for a third week because that would take me right up to the start of school--and then I scrubbed
my bedroom carpets and cleaned the living room.
I bought the Rug Doctor brand of carpet cleaner this time and I like it so much better than Bissell's.
Bissell's has such a perfumy smell to it, that if you do more than one room, it's overwhelming.
I'm not noticing any with Rug Doctor. Maybe cuz I mixed it with their Odor Remover.
Then I tried to update my Hott Cops blog, but Blogger's being a dick again.
OH! This was really cool, one of the cops
from Palm Springs, Officer Anthony Pilutik
was nice
enough to comment in my blog. It's always great when a cop posts, but
when a GORGEOUS cop posts, well that's pretty much a day maker there.
That's pretty doggone good considering it's a Monday moanin'.

The writers of The Bold and The Beautiful all need to be dragged out and shot. They're using one of the oldest and lamest plot
drivers I've ever seen. Taylor accidentally hit her sister in law with her car and killed her. Taylor was drinking at the time, but her sister in law fell into the path
of her car, so on that end it WAS an accident. Unfortunately, Taylor's licensed had been suspended due to a previous DUI.
Taylor's daughter witnessed it along a California highway, but to date, has told no one. A teenager who keeps her mouth shut? Come on.
. Now here's some of the things I DETEST about
this sort of storyline. Evidently the writers think the viewers are idiots because no cops were called to the scene of the accident, despite the fact
that the victim had critical injuries. When the cops tried to interview Taylor at the hospital, her friend conveniently whisked her way saying she was "tired,"
and of course, the detective just LET HER GO after acknowledging that he knew she had been drinking..
Now this is the part of the storyline that REALLY annoys me: Taylor has tried several times to tell her brother in law that she is the one responsible
for his wife's death, but she gets interrupted every time. Good fucking grief.
"I feel so guilty because I--"
"We ALL feel guilty." UGH. Cut to the next scene when they get interrupted by more family members.
"I HAVE to tell you this, Thorne, I--"
"Excuse me, I have to take this call."
If this were a novel, I would have tossed it into the garbage, AFTER writing a bitch rant to the author.
This is second grade stuff and while I realize it's JUST a soap, as
some people say, they're getting paid to do their job and that doesn't give them an excuse to crank out sloppy plotlines.

This is currently my favorite spam email subject, "Can't Stand Sex All Night Long?"
No, no, I hate that "all night long" sex."
Gimme some of that good old "wham, bam, hey, it's already over, ma'am" two second sex.


Ron Southern said...

Being a writer for The Bold And The Beautiful (or, The Old And The Sagging, I call it) must be the most delicious titty-suck in the world. No matter how badly you write or even if you're rehashing old plot lines, you keep getting paid!!! I had a worthless job like that one time, but I quit out of BOREDOM! The money wasn't enogh to keep me in a trance, I guess.

Goddess said...

What porno mag were you writing for, Ron? Maybe I was a subscriber and am familiar with your work....LOL!!

They keep firing the HEAD writer, when in fact, they need to fire the whole damn bunch of them.

But it's true, they keep re-writing the same garbage, like you said, and it kinda ticks me off when people say "its just a soap" as if that gives them a free ride to be lazy and unimaginative.

Mushy said...

I'm almost sure Ron wrote for Hustler -It was the cartoon where his wife was standing by the smoldering curtains, the back of her dress burnt off, and Ron sat in a chair near the TV with one cheek raised up in her direction, and he was wearing a T-shirt and had empty beer cans all around, with a smoking hole burnt out the side of his chair towards his wife and he commented "Ooops!" that gave him away to me! The funniest cartoon ever!

As for you, I think your blog could give new plot lines for any soap.

Goddess said...

LOL...great cartoon!

That's why I didn't recognize Ron's name, Hustler was one of the few I *never* subbed to, doggone it. It was always a tad, crass, I think is the word I'm grasping for.