Thursday, July 20, 2006

dont take advice from a fool

OH....MY....GAWD!!!!! IT HAS ARRIVED!!!!
Isn't it GORGEOUS?! I am soooooooo thrilled. It's a mix of white and champagne
diamonds, and pink and yellow gold.
I haven't stopped looking at it. I went with the 10k gold. You can't tell much difference when it
comes to 10 and 14k with the naked eye. And for the difference in gold, I was able to buy a
THREE carat ring for the same price as the TWO carat, 14k gold one. Screw that. But I've noticed
more and more that a lot of the jewelry stores are selling 10k gold rings, whereas before they were ALWAYS
14k. But this has a nice wide band the whole way around and I have
to say, I NEVER thought I'd own a ring as beautiful as this one. Mr. G's response to the ring when I showed him? "That's a looooooooooot of blow jobs, honey." And well worth every one of 'em!

Awww, Dish has Baby First TV, for babies from six months to three years old.
What a great idea because you want to snag that youngest demographic as soon as possible...

This gives all new meaning to screwing the cops....
A female New Zealand cop was allowed to keep her badge after it was discovered she was working as a hooker on the side. 'Tuting is legal in New Zealand.
"(Deputy commissioner) Lyn Provost deemed the nature of the secondary employment as incompatible with policing and the officer is receiving counselling," he said. "The counselling is usually an internal thing where there is talk about what they've done." Mr Neilson would not say when or where the officer had worked as a prostitute, as these were "matters confidential between the employer and employee". It was understood the officer had sought secondary employment due to financial difficulties"
My favorite part of the article was this: Police Association President Greg O'Connor says it is a harsh reality that many police officers have to get second jobs to support their families, as police pay simply does not provide enough."
Pssssst, Officer! The home based pharamaceutical bidness pays WAY more! At least that's what they tell me....

On the way home from work yesterday, I heard the song. "Top of the World" by the Carpenters,
and the radio announcer said, "Well, there's a voice that will be sorely missed."
"Will be"? Um, hello? She's been dead for YEARS. Oy.

On the Daily Show they showed a clip of Kansas Senator Brownback talking about stem cell research. He said, "This is an egg and this is an eagle. If you destroy the egg, you don't get the eagle,but the eagle comes out of the egg."
Jon Stewart said, "Using that same logic Senator Brownback is a vagina."

Nicole Richie fainted while shopping yesterday. Richie tried to pick up a package of
marshmallows and apparently the 16 ounce bag was too heavy for her. She crumbled to the ground in a sweaty, but tiny heap. She should gone for the 8 ounce bag. What the hell was she thinking?! She's not used to lifting weights...

I have never seen a bigger drama queen than that Jonathan dude on Blow Out. He's annoying.
But get this, he was hiring staff for his new salon, and it was VERY, VERY clear that he was personally interested in one chick.
He did not hire her, but he took her aside and told her that he was interested in "seeing her" aka "fucking her brains out". She was all giggly and excited about the prospect.
Granted, this sort of stuff happens to me ALL THE TIME. Prospective employers are
ALWAYS hitting on me, and I have to smack them over the head with my marriage license until they FINALLY get the message that I have no interest in them, but I'd like the job.
Seriously though, had I been this chick with my work ethic, I would have been highly insulted.
She's not good enough to hire but she's good enough to fuck? And you KNOW that's all he wanted. She was smart, though. She was flattering him and pandering to his ego during the interview and he was sucking it all up. But again, it didn't get her the job. Just a fuck offer.
How would you feel if this happened to you, ladies? Would you agree to date the person thinking it could lead to a job or would you say "all or nothing"?
And I'm asking the ladies cuz as long as the dudes are getting their balls sucked, I don't think they really care about work ethics....

In O Magazine, Oprah explained that she and gal pal Gayle are NOT gay. She said, "I can understand
why people think we're gay. There isn't a definition in our culture for this kind of friendship."
Stephen Colbert said,
"Even Oprah's friendships are on a higher level than everyone else's."

Tony Snow, on why the President is speaking at the NAACP for the first time
in his presidency, even though he's been asked five years in a row: "Because he wants to."
BTW, I find it quite comical that the NAACP is working for the advancment
of African Americans, yet they still refer to them as COLORED PEOPLE.
Time to change that name, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, People.

The GEICO commercial with Little Richard...ugh. I don't know what's more annoying: him or that dumbass gecko.

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