Tuesday, July 18, 2006

dizzy up the girl

AHA!! I tricked Mr. G and ...well, he passed the test. When he called me at work yesterday afternoon,
I, oh, so casually said, "Honey, remember how you said you wanted me to buy that ring because you wanted
me to be happy? Well, I saw a BETTER ring and it's only $899. What do you think?"
He replied, "The answer is 'no'. I want you to be happy not ecstatic. And don't think I don't know you were testing me."
So I ordered the ring and it should be here by Monday. YAY!!
I probably won't update Tuesday cuz I'll be temporarily blinded by the glare of the diamonds.....

I love the commercial for the new birth control pill YAZ. It shows three women sitting
around at a party discussing birth control. Trust me, guys, when I say it happens that way ALL THE TIME.
If we're not jibber jabbing about the latest method of birth control, we're yakking
about our persistent vaginal itch or our leaky tampon problems.
My favorite part of the YAZ commercial is where the one chick discloses all the
side effects then claims to be a doctor. Yes, they're just that informed.
When the doctor wanted to give me a script and I asked about side effects,
she had to stop and read the information pamphlet. And yet the tv doctor has them all memorized.

What the hell gives with that Geico gecko swearing in his latest commercial? He clearly says, "What the hell..."
Who the hell is he to be swearing like that on national television? And why the hell is it necessary?
When the Christian Coalition gets a hold of his slimey green ass they're going to boot him right into Hell.

Another favorite commercial is the one for cervical cancer in which the women
talk about how it's caused by a virus--HPV--and go on to say they "just want
to tell all their friends". Well it sure beats clogging their inbox with all those Jesus forwards.

I remember mentioning before that I felt gastric bypass surgery was not the answer for so many overweight people because it's a physical solution to an emotional problem. Randy Jackson was on The View yesterday and he talked about people he knows having the surgery a SECOND time because after a while your stomach stretches. Obviously this is not the way the weight issue needs to be addressed. I'm sure several years on down the road, the medical community will have this HUGE breakthrough and admit that gastric bypass didn't solve the problem. One woman I work with had the surgery because she was IN DANGER OF getting diabetes. Guess what? Now that she's had the surgery, she's gotten diabetes. Why? Because she thought she could eat whatever she wanted and spent all her time loading up on carbs and little else, so the surgery never addressed her real problem. But this doesn't really surprise me because if the medical community pushes exercise and proper diet over gastric bypass, they won't make any money on that.

The Daily Show is celebrating TEN YEARS of being on the air.
I was really suprised to hear that. I would have guessed 6 years tops.

Too funny. I was watching the infomercial for Turbo Jam and the chick includes a "recipe" book.
One of the "recipes" is for celery and peanut butter. If somebody needs a freaking recipe to figure out
how to smear peanut butter on celery, how in the world are they going to have the smarts to operate the DVD player?
The funny thing about Turbo Jam is that it's QUITE A BIT of Taebo, only faster and
with better music. The boring music is the
one major problem I have with Taebo. That and the fact that BILLY LIES!!
He will say, "one more set," then he turns it into THREE more sets!!!

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