Monday, July 10, 2006

and i return as chained and bound to you

I know Bugs loves to rag on Sandra Lee, but my FAVORITE "hostess with the mostess" will always be Martha Stewart. I loved the kind of shows like she had today where she drags on her relatives to "homey" up the show and make it appear like they get along. You just know they'd rather be anywhere else on the planet, especially the young kids. They're probably thinking, "This bitch doesn't pay attention to me the other 360 some days out of the year, why today?!" My all time favorite Martha shows are the ones in which she appears with her mother. BWAHAHAHA. It's plain to see that Martha and her mother are too much alike to get along. You can tell even their smallest of comments grate on each other's nerves, and in lieu of showing any actual emotion, they both just grit their teeth and grimace, aka their way of smiling.

I knew as soon as he got home this afternoon Mr. G would be asking me what the neighbor is smoking.
A few weeks back she painted her mailbox bright red and put RED GLITTER all over it. NOW today--no lie--she
has a brand spanking new mailbox. It's painted gold and she slapped several gold
peel 'n stick bows on it, the kind you put on birthday presents. I'd take a pic of it and put it on my site, but really,
how many of those mailboxes do you think there are in Pennsylvania?

One of the neighbor kids and I are attending our first Cookies From Around the World class today.
Yes, I had to coax a neighbor to go with me because my own offspring refused.
Luckily, even at the tender age of 6, it's apparent she's a carb addict, too. Hágale habla Inglése? We'll be eating our way through Spain!

The medical community really scares me. I was reading an article today about babies and one woman was talking about how her SIX MONTH OLD BABY TAKES PRESCRIPTION ZANTAC every day. That is scary. Obviously the baby is having difficulties keeping it's food down, and more than likely it's due to allergies or sensitivities to something in it's formula or even something physical rather than acid reflux.
It's mind boggling to believe that a child that age would even HAVE acid reflux.
But again, instead of getting to the root of what's causing the acid reflux, the doctor passes out a damn script.
My chiropractor was telling me that he adjusted a baby not that long ago because while the baby could swallow it's food, it kept throwing it back up. Luckily, the child had a GOOD pediatrician and he recommended she take the baby to the chiropractor. The baby's neck was out of alignment and once it was adjusted, she hasn't had any problems throwing up her food! Amazing how the body works and how it works much better WITHOUT prescription drugs and their sometimes debilitating side effects.

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