Friday, June 09, 2006

why can't you set your monkey free?

I read that Beyonce is looking to hire an all girl band. Wasn't she part of--didn't she dump--no, I'm sure I have the wrong chick. NM.

I was reading an article in the paper by those two religious dudes known as the God Squad. They were discussing wedding fees for the clergy, and they said, "For big weddings, a fee of about $1000 (or even more) is not outrageous. Somehow, the idea that clergy are worth less than the cost of those little hot dogs with the crusts around them is insulting." Excuse me? A $1000 fee to do something that is your f'ing job in the first place? The clergy don't pay rent, they don't pay for their home and most of them don't pay utilities. The parish does all that. At our parish, we even pay for his damn food, and they feel it's perfectly fine to charge FEES to perform a wedding?
Mr. G was filling out papers recently at the funeral home for his dad's funeral, and they asked him how much money he would be giving the priest to perfrom the funeral Mass!. That's insane. I mean what exactly IS the priest's job if not to perform weddings and bury the dead? Exactly what are they getting paid for?
Then the funeral director told Mr. G that since his dad is going to be cremated, some priests might not allow him to be
buried in the Church, which is ridiculous. He said it was the priest's personal feelings on the issue that would be the deciding factor.
The Catholic Church annoys me with many of their stances. For instance, it used to be if you commited suicide, you couldn't be buried in church because they had already decided you were languishing in Hell. How big of them. No one knows what is in a person's mind the moments before they commit suicide, but leave it to the Church that preaches we shouldn't judge to decide for them.

I was looking at some energy bars for Mr. G, and I was trying to find something that was nutritious but didn't have any sugar. I picked up this one by B2B (Back to Basics) that said: "virgin coconut oil"--that's excellent for your health; "50 mgs of Omega 3's"--another excellent health benefit; "whey crispy protein"--sounding good so far,
and THEN I read "high fructose corn syrup." Ugh. Why in the world would you put that garbage into a "back to BASICS" energy bar?

I heard on CNN this morning that the police now have the right to monitor your online activities.
Wow. A looooot of cops are going to see their pictures when they check up on me.

I can't believe CNN is making a huge deal about the fact that Zarqawi lived for a few moments after the bomb blast.
"Was he outside the building when it was bombed?" "Was he wearing a protective vest?" "Do we give a fuck? He's DEAD."

If I hear that stupid song by Nick Lachey one more time I'm gonna vomit.
"I don't wanna live in the shadows of my mistake...blah blah ..whine whine." I find it interesting that now that he has some
sort of celebrity himself--due to the fact that he married a celeb--suddenly Jessica has become a "mistake." Personally, I think
she's playing this ALL WRONG. I read that she was getting into fights with chicks who were dating Nick. Wrong. Wrong. WRONG.
In a public situation like that, you must NEVER let a man know that his using you as affected you.
She's coming off as needy and immature. Jessica needs to surround herself with four or five huge, hunky guys at all times.
She needs to make sure that at least three of these guys are black dudes to send Nick the oh so subtle, "I don't need your small, pasty white
penis anymore, Caucasian boy" message.

Oh, OUCH. There's an officer in West Palm Beach, Florida, who is helping to nab drivers who run red lights. The officer, who is in drag,
and goes by the name of Officer Delicious, signals to a waiting patrol car when a person runs a red light. On many occasions, officers
have written 75 tickets in less than 90 minutes. Ok, I'm sorry, but there is NOTHING delicious about this dude. I'm wondering how many people run the red light staring at Officer D???
No word on how many times "she's" been propositioned while working...

Bugs writes: Bugs' writes: "I'm guessing that "Officer Delicious" isn't going to make
the Hott Cops page."
Oh ya don't think so, huh?


Malnurtured Snay said...

is it illegal to be b blog commenting while drunk? or buzzed?

Goddess said...

Well, you can spell properly, so personally, I don't think you're drunk enough.....;)