Friday, June 09, 2006

when i was mary's prayer

There's a little girl in Pennsylvania that I would really like you to pray for.
She was at the SPCA yesterday playing with a 4 year old dog she was hoping to adopt when the dog
suddenly attacked her in the face. She had just graduated from kindergarten yesterday
and the medics said it was one of the worst attacks they'd ever seen, so while you're going
through your day, please stop and take a moment and offer up a prayer for her.

eh, there's nothing of much importance down here really.
I have arrived safe and sound and exhausted and pissed off. In other words, all is well in my world.
I shall be updating for Mike South (ADULT SITE) while I'm here staying at the Dump that Porn Built aka his place. IF I can get his damn ftpee program to work. It's weird working on someone else's computer and even weirder
using a program I'm not familiar with.

Don't expect a whole lot from me while I'm here in "it's not the heat, it's the humidity" Hell.
I don't do my best when I'm a limp rag capable of only reaching to the bedside
table for chocolate sustenance and diet pepsi thirst quenchers.

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