Tuesday, June 06, 2006

sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same

I am so grateful that baby in Texas is back with her mom and dad. If the idiots that kidnapped her didn't even have enough common sense or compassion to
keep a five day old baby out of the blazing sun, God only knows what her life would have been like had the police not found her.

Mr. G was gracious enough to peruse my cops calendars last night and tell me which of the guys were "gay." Nice of him, huh? Coinkidinkyly, all the buff dudes just so happened to have that "gayish aura" about them...according to his gaydar.
And the more buff they were, the more he emphasized the word "he." Oh, HEEEEEEE'S gay."

Too bad about Michelle Wie not making the U.S. Open. Hard to believe she's only SIXTEEN.

You know who has really changed over the centuries? God. Back in Biblical times God would tell people to do
constructive things like building an Ark or getting their directionally challenged asses out of the desert.
Now He tells them to run naked through the park screaming obscenities
or to slaughter their neighbors. Where's that fun God we used to know?

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