Sunday, June 25, 2006

out of the dark that fills your mind you finally find you and i collide

Holly is worse than a damn stalker. Everywhere I turn, SHE. IS. THERE.
Like a nasy infection you can't shake with heavy doses of anti bios.
Even when I'm in the bathroom she
pushes her way in and tries to sniff my panties.
I'm like, "Excuse me? Could I PUHLEEZE PEE IN PEACE?!!"
If I go into another room, I have to say "STAY!" like 5 times and to make it sound good, I add, "And I MEAN IT, Holly!!"
But if I'm gone longer than the allotted 20 seconds, she's picking up her bone,
and trudging down the hall after me. God forbid if I'm cleaning because when I clean I'm constantly moving from
one room to another. Saturday when I was cleaning the living room I must have tripped over her 20 times in the hallway.
Most of the time she just sat there, ball in her mouth, with that "puhleeze won't you play with me?" look on her face.
The problem with playing ball with Holly is that she never wants to let go of the ball. She'll let you have it once in a while but most
of the time I'm pulling and tugging and saying, "I can't throw it if you won't let go of it!" Frustration squared, trying to deal with
those sad cartoon eyes and make her happy.

I know I've been remiss in my updating duties but truth be told, I'm so excited about this DSL that I've been watching vids,
downloading stuff and going through my long lists of
"stuff to look at when I go back to work." Woooo hooo! No more of *that* bullshit.

Why is everybody making such a huge deal about New Yawkers being named politest people in the U.S.? That is POST 9/11, people. Of course, they're nice.
PRE 9/11, they'd tell you to go fuck yourself. Now they tell you to go fuck yourself PLEASE.

Congratulate me, people. I have crawled out of the internet ghetto and am now using DSL!!!! YAY!! In honor of that,
Mike South graciously let me pic two vids from his download thingy!!
Thanks again, btw. Nothing says "you've left the ghetto" like watching Felicia Fox's bukkake.

Bugs' writes: "Another reason to say "Fuck Jenny Craig".....the company was recently bought out by the Nestle Corp."
I saw that on the news yesterday. Talk about a conflict of interest...


Ron Southern said...

I'm still trying to work it out, but you may well be the most liberated womman in America! Anyway, you tickle me whether it's Kitchy-Koo or not!

Damn, more alphabet puzzle down below!

Goddess said...

Mostly I just tend to make people cringe....

I know the verification thing is a pisser. Most of the time I feel like it's some complex eye charge test that I keep failing. But it keeps the spam away;)