Wednesday, June 14, 2006

lying in water

As far as my hippie/Aunt Flo story yesterday, I have to laugh. The chicks thought it was funny because they can relate to what it's l
ike to get pissed over pretty much nothing, but the guys were mostly aghast.
If Aunt Flo showed up on their doorstep, they'd "get it".

I feel like I'm back in grade school. I was talking to South and I said my updates on his site last week sucked.
I thought they were ok to begin with but as the endless days of updating wore on--round about Day Two--I heard an incredible sucking
noise and realized it was my posts. He said, "you've done better, but I give it a solid B." A solid B? Hmm, at least I
don't have to write, "I'll try to be funnier next time" on the blackboard....

Bugs' writes: "My mom is really sore at Ben Rothelshoweverthehellyouspellhisname....for even being on a motorcycle in the first place. She thinks he wasn't being responsible to his employer. She makes a valid point--the Steelers pay him millions, and he turns around and does something stupid and gets himself hurt. (This next bit is mine, so if it sounds stupid, don't blame BugsMom.)

**dusts off soapbox** Okay (insertballplayersnamehere) gets paid bazillions of dollars. Where do you think the (insertnameofballclubhere) gets the moolah to pay his salary? Part of it comes out of my pocket. And I'm not even a fan of any sports (unless we're talking Buglet's T-ball) and I have never gone to a professional basketball or hockey game, and the last time I went to a baseball or football game was well over 10 years ago while living with my parents and had no choice.

BallClub has to find money to pay Player's salary. They allow some games to be televised, right? They have to sell ad space, right? In order to afford the Player's salary, prices for ad space go up. In turn, the companies buying ad space during professional televised games have to find a way to afford the ad what do you think they're going to do? Raise the prices on the stuff that we like to buy, so that when I go to the grocery store, I pay more for my groceries because some Player has to get a jet in his contract.
**climbs down from soapbox**

Well, it made sense ten years ago when I presented it in my Intro to Speech class in college. In case you get nasty letters from one of your other four loyal readers, No, I do not have any "hard evidence", and no I can't name any specifics. But I think it makes sense.

BTW--I've told you before...I think you're a great writer. That "Grandma Wavy Gravy" bit was so funny it made me snort coffee up my damn nose."

I've read several times that Ben riding without a helmet has been an issue within the Steelers organization. And if he didn't have the proper licensing, that's gonna make things worse because he was riding one of the "world's fastest legal streetbike" in the Suzuki line. I also heard on ESPN that some sports teams specifically spelled out "no motorcycle riding" in their contracts, while others said if the person couldn't play due to injuries *other* than those received playing football, the team owners have the right to ask for their signing bonus back and not pay them their contract. It's like Mr. G said though, he was on top of the world and in a split second Ben's whole life changed, and he wasn't even traveling at a high rate of speed. Motorcycles LOOK fun, but when you realize there's not a damn thing between you and the thanks!

Oh, and I didn't realize until I was home that Grandma Wavy Gravy ripped out the centerfold before she gave the mag back...damn hippy.

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