Wednesday, June 07, 2006

i wish you were a stranger i could disengage

Wow. Look who comes up number one in this search? Mom would be so proud and I feel so honored....

I love that commercial for that dumb new reality show about housewives in which they talk about the "DRAMA" in their lives. The one guy's
dog ate his gf's ring, and he tells her she has to dig through the poo. Yeah it doesn't get much more dramatic than handling shit...

I wish Al Synder of York, Pennsylvania, well in suing the Westboro Baptist Church. They deserved to be sued for the cruelty
they inflict on the families of dead soldiers when they show up at the soldier's funerals and protest.
People who spread hatred in the name of the Lord have to be the most screwed up people on the planet.
Good luck, Mr. Synder.

Does anybody on the planet give a shit about seeing Brad and Angelina's new baby?!

Billy Preston has passed away at the age of 59. My favorite
Preston songs were "Nothing from Nothing," which I quote from time to time when discussing my finances,
and "Will it Go Round in Circles" which pretty much made no sense.

Hey, kids! I have the Rio all packed and ready to go. I leave for Atlanta on Thursday evening
right after work. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't wind up in North Dakota. I'm looking
forward to the peace and quiet of the drive. Yes, I'm leaving Holly at home this time. Amen, and pass the giant slurpee.
And not to worry, I shall indeed be updating both my main site and my Hott Cops blog.
Yeah, like any of you were sweating that....

Speaking of hott cops, I was watching COPS last night and the guys were involved in a high speed chase.
The one guy was having a hard time with directions,
and I was thinking that would be fairly difficult, trying to concentrate on the street names while driving at high rates of speed.
I'd be terrible at that because I usually give directions according to the food places nearby. I'd be all, "Ok we're on the street
where we bought those really good chili dogs, the ones with lots of onions? Now we're turning onto that street where
I buy candy and diet soda every day...yeah the avenue cateycorner to the bakery with the delish cream filled donuts.
No, not those peanut butter ones, that's three streets over."

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