Sunday, June 25, 2006

how to save a life

I *LOVE* bloglines! I put all my RSS feeds in it, click on it and it automatically tells me whether or not
any of my favorite reads have updated. No more endlessly checking during the day.

I'd like to blame it on the fact that this is Monday or that I've banged my head against the keyboard one too many times, but...
I was reading an article about a SWAT officer who was shot when an employee at a Safeway Distrbution Center in Denver
went ballistic, and starting shooting people. At first, I thought, "Huh. I wonder why a SWAT officer would be working at a Safeway Distribution Center?"
Then it dawned on me he WASN'T working there, he was shot when he responded to the call. Yet another "DUH!" moment in my life.

Mr. G and I were off the entire weekend together, a rare occurance anymore. Saturday afternoon I was still laying in
bed reading and he said, "You're not going to spend the whole weekend naked in be--never mind. I can't believe I even asked that question..."
Neither could I, quite frankly. Viva la naked Saturdays and Sundays!!

One of our neighbors moved to a town about 6 or 7 hours away from ours this past spring.
Yesterday his daughter sent us an invitation for a "surprise picnic" for his 80th birthday. Along with the
invite was directions to a nearby hotel where you could stay the night. Mr. G looked at it and started laughing.
I said, "What's so funny?"
He said, "Well, if we didn't even walk two yards over for his 70th birthday party, what do they think the
odds are that we're going to drive 6 hours and stay overnight for a 'picnic'?"

They had an ad on tv for a device that turns one of your car cupholders into a "handy storage area" for your cellphone, pens, paper and coins. I already have
one of those "handy storage areas." It's called the "passenger side floor of my Rio." You'd be amazed how much you can store there.
And it didn't cost me a damn dime extra.

Damn. Ya never realize how many criminals have barking dogs until you're watching COPS with YOUR dog.

It must be a guy thing. I've seen lots of taser vids where idio--I mean, people volunteer to be tasered to see what it feels like, and I have never ONCE seen a woman who is NOT a police officer volunteer. You never see a chick going, "Come on, taser me! I wanna know what it feels like! Pick me! Pick me!" Why? Because we have more smarts than to voluntarily ASK someone to inflict pain on us.
In the vid I watched this morning the guy was like, "how long do you want me to tase you?" and the idiot--I mean, guy who volunteered said, "how long can you tase me?"
ONLY A GUY would ask "how long can you" as if it were some sort of contest.
(And only a guy would say "that was cool" after it was all over when you just know he wanted to weep like a baby.)
The officer went on to say the longest was over 100 seconds but only because the guy was in his truck and they were only able to tase him in the upper arm.


Mushy said...

Well, I took your advice and signed up on Bloglines and listed you, Pawpaw's House, The Rat Squeaks, and Grouchy Old Cripple, and few other's I like.

I was raised up in a trailer or two myself, but the adventure is worth a lot of blogging material.

Like what I've read thus far.


Goddess said...

Thanks for the compliments on the site. Yeah, trailer living gives you a *LOT* to talk about;) LOL.

Dang. I should have researched Bloglines more before I mentioned it. I'm finding that it's not always showing me when people have updated. Maybe it has to do with the feed I picked out because some of them offered two different ones?

Let me know how you make out;)