Tuesday, June 27, 2006

baby cant you see i wanna be famous

I'm never really sure if Holly is interested in kissing me so much as she is smelling my breath to see if I've had anything good to eat.
Speaking of Holly, this morning I was *trying* to do my TaeBo and she was in the living room with me.
When I was bending over doing toe touches during the warm up phase, Holly kept putting her body in under mine and was straining to lift my chin with hers.
I think she thought I was falling and she was helping me up. It was comical. Now if I could just get her to do my front kicks/squat combo....

Mr. G is starting to catch on to my cop weirdly-ness. I can't believe it's taken him so long.
He had to stop at the police station yesterday and he was talking to me about what went on,
and after he finished, I said, "So how old is this cop?" which was totally irrelevant to the conversation.
Mr. G: "Hmm, looked to be late 30's maybe."
Me: "What did he look like?"
He hesitated for only a second and said: "Well, let's see, he had hair, two ears, two legs and two eyes. You just want to know if he was good looking."
I'm like, "Well??? Was he??"
But alas he wasn't the least bit jealous.
A. He knows I'm all talk and
B. He knows he always scores the blowjobs from those crushes.

I was reading about "ethnically traded chocolate" yesterday afternoon.
That means the cacao is purchased from "small family owned farms in Nigeria that thrive in the forest, which in
turn provides natural preservation for the species that live there. This practice also ensures economic well being for the communities in
which the farms are located." Yes, I'm sure Snickers buys it's cacao from the same places.

I was listening to some of my Beatle's CDs yesterday. I love the Greatest Hits one from 1962-1966.
That CD has songs like, "Please Please Me," "Love Me Do," "I Wanna Hold Your Hand," and "From Me To You."
I think one of my all time favorite Beatles' song is That Boy.


Ron Southern said...

All my admiration. And I'll pretend (a little) that you live alone!

But damn the word verification! It's like a bad cop!

Goddess said...

Ok, I changed it JUST FOR YOU, Ron, but if I start getting that wacko spam again, I'm slapping that word verification back up;)