Tuesday, May 23, 2006

today continued

I was reading an article about diabetes, and I'm really pissed that the American Diabetes Association continues to ride the fence about simple white sugar and diabetes. Instead of admitting that eating white sugar directly leads to diabetes, they blame it on rising insulin levels. And yet what causes the rising insulin levels? What causes the pancreas to overwork till it can't work any more? Over eating simple white sugars, refined carbohydrates and white flour. Instead of admitting to a correlation, the ADA--which, btw, accepts funding from a major soft drink company--continues to blame the high insulin levels. They are splitting cunt hairs. And the American public suffers because of it.
If you read ANY natural healing information on diabetes, the VERY FIRST THING they will say is "elmiminate white sugars and flours..." Further proof that if you want to be healthy, you need to ignore most "medical" advice
and eat as naturally as possible.

OMG. TOO FUNNY. Check out the one called "Easter Egg Roll"...

Another really funny one...

A realtor found over 70,000 empty beer cans at a condo recently
vacated by a Salt Lake City , Utah man.

In some places the beer cans were shoulder high.
That's a SHITLOAD of Pabst Blue Ribbon flowers!! Damn. I sure hope he owned stock in that beer company.
Lord knows he was helping to keep them afloat.

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