Sunday, May 07, 2006

stop murder police my mammy fell in the grease

From the "what a mom, what a mom, what a mighty good mom" file: A 30 yr old woman in Hanover, PA, was arrested for smoking pot with her 13 year old son.
She smoked pot with him for over two years, as a reward for doing his homework. I thought giving them a carton of Marlboros was bad. Now I'm feeling pretty doggone good about myself. Hmm, one can only wonder what sort of "reward" she'll give him when he graduates from high school? His own personal stripper/whore? Well, IF he graduates. Hell, if he continues to do his homework, he might be a full blown pot head by 12th grade.

Warren Steeds Jeff has been added to the FBI's most wanted list. He's a polygamist who is charged with having sex with a minor.
Why is it that all the creepy guys are the ones who are so interested in spreading their seed far and wide?
You never see the George Clooneys of the world with 85 kids...

Yesterday the President gave a graduation speech at Oaklahoma State. He told the graduates that the job market was "the best it's been in years." Yeah, in INDIA. Then he said that their starting salaries were "higher than ever." Gee, could that be because the cost of living is higher than ever? He also urged the graduates to to "take advantage of what they learned in college." What would that be? How to drink and vomit all night long? 101 ways to prepare Macaroni and Cheese and Ramen Noodles? How to deal with being in debt for the rest of your life because of your school loans?

I posted a picture of Manuel, my houseboy, washing my new car with some of his friends. Not a picture I could post here, though, so check it out on my daily journal in yesterday's post. The boy really knows how to buff a hard wax shine.

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