Friday, May 12, 2006

sos means someone come and resuce me

It was bad enough when the stats on Hott Cops was twice as high as those of Blonde Intuition. Now they're THREE TIMES as high. Sigh. If I could only figure out what it was you people were trying to tell me...

I've discovered the perfect way to clear out a room. I walk in and say, "Hey! Which one of you
ingrates is going to write my Mother's Day colum--" and presto! I have the entire room to myself.

I am having a eggcellent day today. I had a lousy night because Holly was sick and much as I hate to admit I'm attached to this dog, when something is wrong with her, I'm as upset as I would if she were one of my many, many offspring. My stomach hurt so badly last night because Mr. G and I decided against going to the on call vet. I was worried we had made the wrong decision. Holly drank some standing water outside and that was the only thing we could connect to her illness because she was fine when I left for work in the morning.
She drank the water and about an hour later began vomiting. Then the sad pooch was sick from both ends and just laying around. She did go for her walk, but she wasn't the least bit excited. I told Mr. G I knew she wasn't feeling very good because she walked like a "normal" dog. LOL. She came in and slept with me until about 10:30 p.m. then she went into the laundry room and slept on her pillow. I kept going down and checking on her. I didn't even get so much as a tail thump when I walked into the room and she's ALWAYS happy to see me.
She wouldn't eat anything, but she was smelling food with interest. Thankfully, today she's about 90% her exuberant self.
The reason we made the call NOT to go to the vet is because it wasn't our vet oncall. There are six or seven vet offices around here and they all take calls for one another. One other time we made the mistake of going to another vet in an emergency and it was a disaster. It was a doctor we had gone to before, but didn't like. She told us our cat would get well and Female Offspring #1 nursed her all summer long. Sadly, she died the morning of the day FO#1 started the 6th grade. I had been talking to her and telling her she had to hurry up and get better because FO #1 wouldn't be around all day to take care of her once school started. It was almost as if she had known. So we called OUR vet and my husband pretty much let him have it. He reviewed her records and said that there were two types of the virus she had, one from which they do recover and one from which they do not. He said he realized right away that she would not have recovered. I felt so badly for FO#1 but most of all Patch because we honestly thought she was going to get better. We never would have put her through all of that suffering for nothing had we known. So when it came to Holly last night, Mr. G and I both agreed that we would have to live with our decision if she worsened during the night. Thank God she didn't!
So I got up this morning, played with Holly a while then went shopping. I bought hanging baskets for the mothers for Sunday and did a bunch of other shopping and errands and now I'm back home with the pooch.

Wow. Male Offspring #5 has OFFERED to write my Mother's Day column, as per The World of Goddess tradition. I'm shocked that ANYONE would offer. Hmmmm.
Right about now I should be trying to figure out his motives, but
it's time for din din AND remember? I gave up thinking the other day. Not to worry. I'm sure it will be spectacular.
Besides, I already gave him the outline. How badly can he screw up? He just has to elaborate on how wonderful
I am, how smart I am, and why I'd be a fabu candidate for Mother of the Year. Hell, I'm even
highlighted all the adjectives that I "strongly suggested" he use in my Thesaurus. I showed him how to ftp AND I even
trusted him with my password.......which I will be changing on Monday.

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