Sunday, May 28, 2006

say that you remember

I was still whining to Mr. G about not being able to see the K-9 dog
presentation on Tuesday and he said, "You're not remembering the events as
*I* remembered them. It wasn't the "woof woof" or the treat comment that
got you in trouble, it was when you flashed your boobs at the cop that you
got the boot." Oh, I get it. Let's play another rousing round
of "Let's Blame the Blonde Chick." Now it's MY fault that my shirt accidentally
flipped up over my head when the cop came by....

Female Offspring #1 came home Friday night and it's been a fight to get
Holly outside to laze about in the sunshine. Apparently she's mesmerized
by FO#1's every move and afraid she might miss something. Too bad she's
not equally mesmerized by me telling her to "get out and get the stink
blowed off."

So far I'm having a lovely Memorial Day weekend. We went out to dinner
last night for my birthday. (I wanted to wait until FO#1 was home to
celebrate) I had purchased some stevia sweetener in yet another attempt to
eat healthy. Stevia is made from a plant, not chemicals like other
aritificial sweeteners. This particular brand had fiber in it and I didn't
realize that. I was looking forward to a glass of brewed ice tea with the
Stevia because I've really been TRYING to knock off the soda. (And it IS
true what they say, I've been eating a lot less drinking the soda, but my
weight has stayed dead on the same for FOUR WEEKS.) Anywho, I ate and
ate--all healthy stuff--and mostly veggies, steamed cabbage, fish, that
sort of thing. I don't really like heavy meats if I can avoid them. But
with all this, I downed two medium size glasses of iced tea with four
packets of Stevia. I felt great until it was time to leave the restaurant.
My stomach felt so bloated and I was so miserable. When we got home, Mr. G
looked at the Stevia box and said, "No wonder you're bloated. It says
"four packets equal the fiber in a bowl of whole grain cereal." OY!!

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