Monday, May 01, 2006

its all coming back to me now

I always know the sex is extra good when Mr. G calls me from work the next day to talk about it....oooo la laaaaa.

I urge you to go to comedy central and watch Stephen Colbert's "The Word" video.
It's called "White Gloves." He nailed us, ladies!! I loved the crack about starting a fight on IM and
how men have convinced us stripping sexually empowers US.

All hail, May! My favoritest of months! And I don't think I need to remind you why May is my favorite month. (My birthday is May 20th!!)

I can't remember what I had to eat last night before bedtime, I think only a banana, but I dreamt Zal was on the Tonight Show....

You simply MUST check out today's Hott Cop pic--well, if you're a hetero chick. It's one of my all time favs.
It's the one simply entitled "*sigh* and I know that when you see it, you'll know why I consider that a JOB WELL DONE!!!!!

I'm rather bummed about the whole cops CD. I ordered it on the 17th and I *thought* I was paying $5 shipping and handling (the entire CD only cost $15) so that I would receive it in 2-3 business days. Ok, I waited till the 22nd and emailed the guy. Apparently they were having problems with their CD burner and he wouldn't be able to mail it out until he returned home on the 24th. I said ok, no problem as long as I know what's going on. Well, here it is May 1st and I still don't have the damn CD. NO WAY does it cost $5 for first class shipping and handling for a CD through the post office. And when I asked him about that, he said, "I didn't mean you'd receive it in 2-3 days.
That means it will be shipped within 2-3 days after I receive the order."
That's totally bogus. For that price a cop should come along with the CD to give me cunnilingus.
Hell, I have ordered CD's from Florida on a Monday morning and had them in my mailbox on Tuesday WITHOUT paying overnight mail because some companies just value their business more than others. And I hate it when companies shaft you on shipping and handling.

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