Thursday, May 04, 2006

i'm just dreaming

I knew there were a lot of "incentives" in the pharmaceutical business, but I heard today that if doctors pushed a certain amount of one specific A.I.D.S. drug, they earned a free trip to the Riveria. No damn wonder I feel so skeptical towards some members of the medical society and their intentions.

I was watching some of CNN today and they were talking about the upcoming Kentucky Derby and how they'll be selling ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR Mint Juleps. The CEO of the Derby--Chief Entertainment Officer--was demonstrating how he makes the drinks and he added ice and said, "Of course the ice we'll be using on Saturday will come from the glaciers in Finland." Now how the HELL is he going to certify that and what difference could it possibly make? Other than to give him reason to charge an INSANE price for a drink. If it were me, I'd be schlepping my 99 cent bag o'Piggly Wiggly ice to the Derby with me.

They also had the story of a Pillsbury Doughboy that was stolen from a grocery store. I just love stories like this, something funny and lighthearted. The people who stole the Doughboy keep taking various pictures of it in different locations, which they then send to store employees. I remember reading about one couple whose garden gnome was stolen and the "robbers" did the same thing.

I also saw pics of Mike Metgzer, the man who performed a backflip over the fountains in Vegas. (SodaPop, were you there??)
Wow! He made it look so doggone easy! He set a world's record and became the first person to do this successfully.
I believe that when Evil Knievil attempted this same stunt he wound up in the hospital for weeks.

Ok, Eric and I are having a fun discussion and I want to ask youse guys (as they say in New Yawk) what you think. If someone said to me, "Goddess, why don't you donate money to the Red Cross for the hurricane victims?" and I answered by saying, "What makes you think I haven't?"
Would your first thought be that:
A. I had indeed donated to the Red Cross or
B. I had not donated
And why did you respond the way you did?


Frankie B said...

Now mind you I'm thinking like a cop here, I'd say that you haven't because you answered a question with a question.

How'd I do?

Goddess said...

I must think like a cop because that's what I said.

I made comment that someone "answered without answering," because he answered with a question. I meant he responded, but didn't really answer, and Eric was arguing that he did indeed answer even though it was with a question.

I don't know, when I went to school waaaaaaaay back in the day, questions ended with question marks, and answers ended with periods;)