Tuesday, May 09, 2006

i was fine before you walked into my life

I was listening to the radio on the way to work this morning and I heard a commercial for patents. The guy in the commercial said, "I'm through thinking!" Finally, a kindred spirit. I, too, am through with thinking. Thinking is highly overrated. I mean, you have to do it almost every day! Now I know a lot of you thought I was through with thinking a long time ago, not so. But, I AM giving it up now. Thank you for your (non)support. I'm sure this won't affect my site in any way.

I was listening to one of the contests they had on the radio this morning and the question was, "What does the police signal 10-1 mean?" Weak signal. 10-4 means over and out, and 10-13 means "do me, Goddess." Anywho, one guy called in and said 10-1 meant "meet me at the donut shop," and another guy said 10-1 meant "save me one of those donuts with sprinkles."

I caught the cover of O Magazine this morning at the checkout. Oprah is now showing off her brand new home in Hawaii. For someone who insists it isn't about the "stuff", she is amazingly ALL about the "stuff."

Oprah was talking about my favorite subject yesterday. No, not porn. Ok, my second favorite subject: marriage.
Lance Armstrong's wife was on talking about how she "lost herself" when she got married. At one point Oprah said, "It's expected that you (women) sacrifice yourself to a man when you get married. That is why I never got married." That is such BULLSHIT. When you are in a long term relationship, such as the one she has, she might as well BE married, so get over the damn drama already. I'm so sick of these women getting on tv and whining, "Nobody told me marriage would be like this." What in the world did they think it would be like? I think shows like this add to misperceptions surrounding marriage. Oprah with her "he's leading a double life/he cheated on me" horror shows don't help matters either. She gets her experts on there talking about how marriage is "hard" and how you have to "work at it 24/7." I don't know anybody who wants to work at anything 24/7. Most of the shows on marriage are negative ones that belabour scenarios in which the guy is cheating or leading a secret gay life or a spouse murderer. Sure these things happen to SOME people. They give all the press to the negative aspects of marriage and then sit with their thumbs up their asses going, "I don't why people have such misconceptions about marriage."
I never hear that marriage is a wonderful journey with someone who loves us and supports our goals.
My cousin got married and two weeks later the idiot chick left him because she "didn't think it was going to be like this." Turns out she was on the rebound from a fight with HER GIRLFRIEND and she married him to spite said gf. So I guess she didn't think her marriage was going to involve a penis.
On the show they featured a woman who has a $60k wedding planned and it's a month away. Although she's having second and third thoughts, she feels that's too much money to throw away. What the HELL are these people thinking?! She raves on and on about how wonderful he is, BUT she's afraid of losing herself, blah blah. If it's not what you want, DON'T. GET. MARRIED. You wouldn't buy a car you didn't want.
What does everyone insist that marriage has to be "hard"? Who were their role models? And why do these women insist they have to give up everything they love? Lance Armstrong's wife gave up everything she was willingly and hello! ended up DIVORCED.
So I guess that's not the way it is at all.
The first chick's fiancé was just sitting there talking about how he loves her and supports her. Dude, puhleeze. She came right out and said the $60k is the reason she's not backing out of the wedding. She's on the fence. How can you walk into that situation knowing that you're putting time and effort into the relationship and at some point it's inevitable that she finally admits to herself that it wasn't what she wanted? Sad to say, but IMHO, the bf had "weenie" written all over him by the time show was over. There comes a point when you just have to be a man. If she's whining about how she doesn't think it's what she wants, move on. She kept going on and on about how being married was what she always wanted and maybe it is, but maybe he's not THE ONE and that's why she's having so many second thoughts.
Personally I would not go on a national television show like that so my S.O. could tell the world that he wasn't sure he wanted to marry me.
Hell, it would be about as fun as being on a date with a guy and having to listen to him blabber on and on about his ex wives. No one should have to endure that crap.

Does anybody have satellite radio? I hear it's pretty good. 24 hours a day, no commercials, no
interruptions...unless you go through a car wash or under a bridge.

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Anonymous said...

satellite radio is wonderful, unless you're with someone that refuses to let you listen to it because he's too busy telling you how great it is... it can save up to 5000 songs. :) i could've lived the rest of my life not knowing this. plethora of knowledge... narrow bridge. ;)