Monday, May 08, 2006

i am over here looking at you, you are over there watching me too

Ahh such is the life of inept criminals. A bunch of teens robbed a local store and in the process
took a bunch of lottery tickets. They went to the closest (in)convenience store where SEVERAL COPS WERE HAVING COFFEE
(anybody hear a "DUH" coming?) and tried to turn a bunch of them in at one time. Hello, metal bracelets. Isn't that shitty luck, though? The one time ya win big and it's on stolen tickets.

I was telling Mr. G that my sister wanted us to come visit her in North Carolina. He said, "How would we ever travel with Holly?" I said, "Honey, the only way we could travel with her is if she's zoned out on tranquilizers." He said, "It's possible to get dog tranquilizers? What are we waiting for? Let's get some for her now!" Ahh, yes, wouldn't doggie Valium be great? Then not only could *we* be addicted, our pets could be junkies, too.

I read an article in the paper yesterday that said Israel's Mossad secret service agency killed a Palestinian wanted for airplane highjackings by feeding him poisoned Belgian chocolate. OMG. If poisoned chocolate is how the government is killing people now, I'm a goner. As well as every other woman in the country.

I saw an old ep of the Drew Carey show in which Oswald was a cop, and he was sent on an undercover assignment as a student to the local high school to find out who was using drugs. It shows him walking down the hall,
baseball hat on backwards but he's still wearing his police uniform. LOL! He comes back to
the station to report that "absolutely no one in high school is using drugs". Then it shows him trying to infiltrate the mob, and he's wearing a hat and again, his police uniform. He says, "A cop? Would a cop wear a fedora?" and they shoot him....LOL.

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