Wednesday, May 24, 2006

even the stars refuse to shine

So I was reading more about this deal between the American Diabetes Assn and Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages to help "combat obesity and diabetes in America by stressing the importance of making smart nutritional choices." Since Cadbury makes a TON of bad, sugary foods, that's kinda like getting tips on the care and feeding of chickens from a fox. When asked why they accepted money from the soft drink company, the ADA said, "If we want to prevent diabetes, reduce the prevalence of obesity, help find the cure for diabetes, we have to get funds from some place." Great cop out. Hey, why not ask the tobacco companies for funding? What bothers me the most is that in exchange for funding, Schweppes will be putting the ADA logo on it's diet sodas. People are going to ASSume those products are safe for diabetics and they are not. I am concerned that people who are trying to combat diabetes are not getting the correct information they need to help themselves. Just like the 'sugar does not cause diabetes' stance that the ADA has. The Journal of Pediatrics published a study blaming much of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes on overconsumption of sugar sodas. The ADA does say that yes, being overweight has something to do with diabetes, but not sugar which is how the kids are getting fat, so they just annoy the hell out of me the way they dance around the truth. And when they make deals with candy/soda companies, how can the public trust anything the ADA says?

Stephen Colbert: "And Shere Hite will be here with secrets to sexually please a woman. Is that a typo?" LOL....

Well now I don't feel so badly. I was walking past the television yesterday and I heard Oprah say, "Not
many people know Anderson (Cooper) is the son of fashion icon Gloria Vanderbilt."
Although I had never heard it before last week, I thought surely I was in the minority.

I'm not following American Idol very closely and quite frankly I just want the whole dumb thing to be over.
But I'm putting all my money on Barbaro. BTW, Taylor's a hottie, but who the HELL sings "Levon"? Ugh.
I heard that Eat 'N Park is offering the "loser" a $100k recording contract and all the bear claws they can eat...

Speaking of Barbaro, I really want him to get better. I felt bad when he got hurt and I thought about how horrible it would have been had he been put down. I read that his injury was so life threatening that most horses are put down right on the track when they experience a break like his.
I'm so glad they didn't do that to him. After I got all emotional about it,
I thought, "Am I like the biggest dork for getting upset over some horse that I don't even know getting hurt?!"
Then I read about people sending him cards and carrots, so phew! no, I'm not the biggest dork.

Atlantic BroadBand sucks big donkey you know what's. They recently bought out my ISP and I was worried that
they would either get rid of it all together or raise rates. The pissers are doing both. In a few months, they're going to
raise the dial up rates and at that point, you either have to go with their service or find another ISP. FUGGERS!!!!
Screw it. I'm dumping them next week when my bill is due.
And a big to my sell out ISP.

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