Saturday, May 20, 2006

eight seconds left in overtime

I was watching tv this afternoon and they had the Bar None commercial ran. You know, the car insurance company with the annoying sock puppet dog I despise? The chick's car breaks down along the road and naturally dipshit dog to the rescue. During their "conversation," she says, "Hey, aren't you the Bar None sock puppet dog?" which clearly proves she KNOWS he's a damn sock on some twit's hand. Yet at the end of the commercial, there she is with her small child sitting in the front seat of a tow truck driven guessed it...a DAMN SOCK PUPPET. What's wrong with her? I can see getting into a tow truck being driven by a ventriloquist's dummy, but a sock puppet? How the hell is he going to drive, use his signals and reach the brake at the same time? She needs to get her ass arrested for child endangerment. Then we'll see if that Bar None auto insurance does her a damn bit of good.

Ok the Todd English commercials are a tad too much about how wonderful Todd English is...oy. We get that the HSN people think he's not only sexy and handsome, but that he can cook. (GASP! Is that possible?!) We also get that he's full of himself in those ads. I don't know why I feel that way, maybe it's that shot of just his eyes showing over the plate of food. UGH.

I was on the way to work this morning and I went through a section of town that is in the middle of a beautification process. I noticed they planted several trees in the middle of the sidewalk. Now I'm no sidewalkologist, but common sense would tell you it's going to be a tad difficult to neogotiate the sidewalks if there are hugeass tree trunks growing out of them. I'm thinking if you want to beautify that neighborhood, getting rid of the heroin dealers might be a better place to start...

There are times I think the medical community couldn't get any more evil than it is and then I read something like this: "In 2005, Massachusetts General Hospital conducted an 8-week trial study that recruited children as young as four years old to be drugged and monitored, including having their blood drawn, to see if their tiny four-year-old bodies would tolerate a powerful psychotropic drug (Seroquel)." Seroquel is the same drug they had Mr. G's dad on and it made him a zombie. After one week he had no bowel control because of it. Seroquel is the same drug that leads to high incidences of diabetes, and law firms are now suing on their clients behalf because of that very side effect.
A FOUR YEAR OLD??? Where are people's ethics? Why would anyone let their child participate
in something like that? It makes me sick to my stomach to even think about it.

Bush wants the immigrants to learn English, eh?
And maybe he could learn a few things about the English language as well...

Pat Robertson said that if he "heard the Lord right" the coasts of America will be lashed by storms. Wow.
That's a fairly wild prediction seeing as we're headed straight into hurricane season.
And that's a pretty good "out" he's given himself. Maybe that's why all these nut jobs kill people and say God told them to?
Maybe a hearing aid is in order? Ya know, now that I think about it,
maybe God *hasn't* been telling me to "go and sin some more" all these years.....

My new "favorite song"? "Over My Head" by Fray!!

Huh. I had no idea Gloria Vanderbilt was Anderson Cooper's mother. Ya learn something new every day.

He finally grew a pair!!

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Over My Head by the Fray is an AWESOME song!