Thursday, May 25, 2006

the clouds are rolling in

I wish the media would stop dogging Britney waiting for her to make sumdum baby mistake. She's young and she's stupid. She's bound to make mistakes, especially with people watching her every move. Now they're running a video on MSN in which Britney almost drops her baby. Oh for Pete's sake. Who hasn't dropped their baby from time to time? Luckily they tend to bounce and if you catch them on the first bounce, it's like they never fell. No harm, no foul.

I finally found a GOOD, HEALTHY BREAD for Mr. G and I. It's made by Ezekiel 4:9 and it's full of healthy WHOLE GRAINS. It has no preservatives, no sugar. It does have complex carbs, of course, from the grains. When I read the ingredients on the package, I thought, "Oh, gawd, a sandwich made from this stuff is going to taste like slapping chicken salad between two pieces of ply wood," but IT IS DELICIOUS! Mr. G is so thrilled to finally be able to have bread of some kind that I think he would have been more than willing to go the plyboard route.

Today the weather dude said, "It will be in the 80's and we'll see some form of rain." Hmm, I wonder what "form
of rain" rain might take on an 80° day? I'm guessing...oh, I don't know...RAIN maybe?

Ahhh, life with way too many kids. It's interesting. Female Offspring #6 is on a "no smoking" kick ever since they talked to the kids about the dangers of smoking at school. Yesterday we were driving through town and there was a lady on the corner smoking. When we stopped at the light, FO #6 stuck her head out the window and yelled, "SMOKING KILLS!!" Upon hearing that, Male Offspring #5 stuck *his* head out the window and screams, "BUT JESUS SAVES!!" Ahh, yes. If you see a woman tooling through town with a Rio full of unruly kids and a bag over her head, that'll be me.

Worked a long day Thursday 7 a.m.- 10 p.m. Yippee for O.T.

Mom and Dad are off to Atlantic City for a few days. Yes! TO SQUANDER MY MEAGER INHERITANCE!!
I stopped in after work Tuesday to say goodbye and Dad was muttering and puttering with "his junk" as my mother called it.
Daddy: "Your mother's nagging about my junk. She says I hang on to old stuff too long."
Me: "Well maybe she has a point, Daddy," I said, as I eyed the rows and rows of his
Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines from THE SEVENTIES.

[Laugh if you want, but if there's a science emergency at my trailer, I'm calling Daddy!]
Daddy: "That's BULLSHIT! All this stuff I have here on my work bench I need." He "needs" it like a hole in the head.
Then he hands me a box and
says, "Look through any of this stuff and see if you need it before I throw it out."
Me: "Umm, yeah, Dad, I don't think I'm going to be needing any of this..."
Daddy: "What about these 8 track tapes?"
Me: "I'd snatch them up in a minute, but my 8 track tape deck seems to be on the fritz."
Daddy: "What about a nice transistor radio?"
Me: "You're kidding me, right?" What's next? A handful of Grit Magazines from 1983?
Daddy: "What about these toothbrushes? You can't have too many of those."
Me: "Yeah, I know toothbrushes are extremely expensive these days, and I'm guessing the ones you have here
worked great the first time around, but no, you better keep them. In case there's a toothbrush shortage." Ewwww.
Daddy: "I have some nice plastic pumpkins for the yard. You can set them outside, pretty up the trailer around Halloween."
Me: "Well, they'd be great except for the fact that the sun has faded all the color.
White pumpkins just don't seem to be that popular."
Daddy: "What about this reindeer and sleigh?"
Me: "Daddy, two of the reindeer don't even have heads."
Daddy: "Oh, people won't even notice that from a distance." And then, "Roller skate keys? I have a lot of them."
Me: "Yeah, now all I need are roller skates..."
From out of nowhere I hear my mother yelling, "He has those, too, upstairs in the attic!"
LOL....never a dull moment.But the more I think about it, I don't think these people should be in charge of my inheritance!!

There's only one small problem with natural peanut butter: it's so friggin' thick. When you open the peanut butter and mix it, it's recommended you keep it in the fridge to keep it blended, but that makes it even thicker. (Keeping the jar upside down helps, too.) I forgot to take supper with me last night, but I had some natural peanut butter and my boss had a couple saltines laying around. Well, I *tried* to smear the crackers with peanut butter, but it snapped my crackers into about fifty pieces. Ugh. Peanut butter and saltine crumbs..yummy!

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