Monday, May 15, 2006

and all i can taste is this moment

Speaking of the Duggars--we were, right? Bugs' sent this article in which Jim Duggar announced his candidacy for State Senate.
What I find interesting in this article are these two sentences: "Duggar and his wife, Michelle, are known worldwide for their family of 16 children. They have been featured in documentaries on the Discovery Channel and featured in newspapers in Europe and Asia." Excuse me? I know somebody else who happens to have 16 offspring, but doesn't turn them into a circus act! Besides, while the Duggars might be known in Europe and Asia, everyone of my offspring are known by the police in a three county wide area, so THERE! Take that, do-gooder Duggars!
In another article I read, it said that she doesn't yell at her children. Instead she lowers her voice and speaks to them calmly.
Yeah, that's cuz she's quietly GOING INSANE. Every good mother knows the
rule of thumb in dealing with kids: if your kids scream, you scream louder until everybody has a hearing problem.

Hilary Clinton gave a commencement speech address at Long Island University students over
the weekend, and she said, "Kids today think 'work' is a four letter word."
Weird because last time I checked, 'work' WAS a four letter word...

Hussey's: For all your wedding needs..........

Let's see how well you, my dear readers, know me. Keeping in mind what a WILD GODDESS
I am, answer the following question. The other night I snuck out of the trailer at 2 a.m. to:
a. cheat on my husband with the one cop on our local force that's hott
b. sit at Coney Island, have a dawg and scout out the hott cops on the city force
c. sneak to the (in)convenience store for a diet pepsi
d. participate in my FIRST, EVER ménage a tois.

I was watching a police video show at lunch time yesterday and they showed some robbery footage, and
it just made me wonder how some people manage to survive as long as they do without killing themselves.
A kid was robbing an (in)convenience store and he came into the store wearing a pair of PANTY HOSE over his head.
Now this in and of itself is not unusual, of course, but he was wearing them with the legs of the panty hanging down in his face.
The entire time he's trying to get the cashier to give him the money, he's fussing with these legs trying to get them out of his view.
It was hilarious and no damn wonder she didn't take him seriously. If I recall she actually got a couple shots off at him.

Check out this very funny blog written by a 911 operator. This is one of my favorite entries:
"A lady calls to make a harassment complaint and then calls back a short time later
because there is someone knocking on her door. Duh - it is the officer you idiot!"


Anonymous said...

You were drinking a dp while having a menage a tois.

Goddess said...

You enjoy being a dick, don't ya, CP? LOL.

Everybody who has ever had a menage a tois knows that Jack Daniels is the drink of choice. Or so I'm told..........